December 1, 2023

By: Najeeb Ibrahim

In a dazzling display of patriotism and unity, HMS Schools Kaduna celebrated Nigeria’s Independence Day with grandeur and style. The event, which took place on Friday 29th September, marked the nation’s 63rd year of freedom from colonial rule.

The school’s courtyard was transformed into a vibrant sea of green and white as students and staff came together to honor their country. The festivities commenced with a ceremonial flag-raising, accompanied by the national anthem, filling the air with a sense of pride and devotion.

Students showcased their talents through various cultural performances that highlighted Nigeria’s rich heritage. Traditional dances, songs, and drama presentations took the audience on a journey through the nation’s diverse culture and history.

As the sun set on this memorable day, the students and staff of HMS Schools Kaduna left with a renewed sense of patriotism and unity, ready to contribute to the growth and development of Nigeria in the years to come. This celebration truly exemplified the school’s dedication to nurturing responsible and proud citizens of Nigeria.

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