June 12, 2024



For varieties of advertisement options that will suit your need, audience, target and how to go about it.

When you advertise on Inside Arewa, your advert will reach huge numbers of audience and different sets of audience every day.  Start an advertisement with us and put your product, service, website, post and other things you wish to promote right in front of large potential customers, clients and interested people.

For Quick Advertisement Enquiries

We have huge web traffic from search engine, social websites and consistent readers that will definitely have interest in your advertisement. Our adverts are well placed to encourage readers instead of annoying their interest.
You can create metrics to analyse the numbers of views we drive to your landing page and the result will encourage you to renew your advertisement campaign with Us.
Our advertisement pricing varies; it depends on the type of advert, size of advertisement banner, position and duration of campaign.

Banners Advertisement

  • Wide Horizontal Banners (Leaderboards Ads, Billboards, banners and Mobile Banners)
    These are large rectangular banner ads, covering a wide portion of the website and almost every visitor of the website set eyes on it every time the web page loads.
  • Long Vertical Banners
    These are long Vertical banner ads, covering a wide portion of the website vertically, it is always best fitted at the sidebar and almost every visitor of the website set eyes on it every time the web page loads.
  • Small Rectangular ads
    These are small rectangular image ads, they have varieties of positions where they can be placed on the website which makes it a popular demand for advertisers. They are capable of appearing in between post contents and this makes this type of advert to have high clickthrough and engagement rates.

Sponsored Post

This can be used to spread a news, or detailed awareness about your business, product and any other thing you wish to advertise. It is a post that will be on our website forever, you can add several images, text and videos.

Social Media Ads

We will feature you advert on our social pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram); Making your business or whatever you are promoting to reach thousands of our fans. In addition we will run a paid Boost for your advertisement on these social networks which will make more fans, their friends and people with similar interest engage with your advert.

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WhatsApp Only: 08094448098

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