May 20, 2024

—Signed the bilateral Cooperation Framework Agreement on Transboundary Ecosystem Conservation and Sustainable Management of Forestry and Wildlife Resources between the Governments of Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Cameroon.

—Streamlined the strengthening of the National Park Guards so that they can be at such capacity to rid our National Parks of bandits and forestall poaching and illegal logging.

—Launched the 50×2030 Initiative, a World Bank and FAO-led global agriculture and climate statistics program working in minimizing data gap, building national statistics systems and promoting evidence-informed agriculture in 50 low, lower-middle and middle-income countries around the world by the year 2030.

—Launched the National Clean Cooking Policy, providing a policy direction to get the over 30 million Nigerian households to embrace sustainable cooking practices.

—Supervised the production of 45 million assorted tree seedlings for afforestation programme across the country through The National Agency for the Great Green Wall (@ggwnigeria).

—Fostering collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Agriculture to promote climate-smart Agriculture as part of sustainable efforts towards food security.

—Convened stakeholders across sectors and working with relevant platforms such as the Nigerian Circular Economy Working Group (NCEWG) to develop a sustainable plastic waste management framework for Nigeria to rid the country of plastic waste and ensure our environment is safe and healthy.

—Produced and unveiled the Nigerian Circular Economy Roadmap and constituted the Nigerian Circular Economy Inter-ministerial Committee.

—Signed the contract for the engagement of the Technical Assistance of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization to restore 350, 000 hectares under the component B of the Project Development Objective of the Agro-climatic Resilience in semi-Arid Landscape (@ACReSALNigeria) Project towards building community climate resilience.

—Commissioned the Teraboo Water Scheme Project and conducted the Flag-off of the Ogoni Medical Outreach Programme in Teraboo Bera, Gokana LGA as part of efforts for the Ogoni cleanup

—Through the implementation of the National Afforestation Programme through the Pan African Great Green Wall (PAGGW) initiative and other nationwide afforestation and reforestation activities programmes have resulted in the restoration of over 1.5 million hectares of degraded forests and other landscapes


—Committing efforts towards kickstarting the recharging the Lake Chad to forestall catastrophic implications for the entire sub-Saharan region.

—Streamlining the efforts towards the advancement of the Great Green Wall to halt the encroachment of the Sahara Desert.

—In collaboration with the governments of the UK and the EU to meet Nigeria’s clean energy objectives.

—Collaborating with UNODC to train lawyers and judges on how to handle environmental crimes and working with the National Assembly and Senate to constitute an Environmental Tribunal to deal with wildlife and environmental crimes.

—Working with subnational governments of the costal states and the World Bank to ensure proper management of Nigeria’s coasts and the development of the areas.

—Streamlining the formation and implementation of policies in Rain Harvesting so as to turn flood crisis into flood prosperity.

—Working with all critical stakeholders, including the Nigerian Army, to plant 1 billion trees in the next 2 years

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