June 12, 2024


1. Allegation of double nomination by APM against Vice-President Kashim Shettima holds no water.

2. Peter Obi could not prove that his votes were suppressed and that he scored the majority of lawful votes cast.

3. Out of the 13 witnesses called by Obi/LP, 10 were not accepted by the court.

4. The tribunal said President Bola Tinubu was not convicted because civil forfeiture is not a criminal matter.

5. The tribunal said INEC is at liberty to define the mode of results transmission it intends to use.

6. The tribunal said there is no specific provision for the electronic transmission of election results in the Electoral Act 2022.

7. Obi/LP failed to prove INEC deliberately refused to upload results.

8. Obi/LP failed to prove how they were affected by the failure of INEC to electronically transmit results.

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