May 20, 2024

One of the Police escorts attached to an Abuja-bound train from Kaduna reportedly lost his life during a trip on Thursday morning.

The policeman was said to be hale and hearty when the train left Rigasa Train Station in Kaduna en route Abuja.

A witness said the deceased later complained of chest pain and sought help before he eventually ‘died’.

“A police officer, who was one of the escorts on a Abuja-Kaduna train just died. He left home in good health. But later during the journey, he complained of chest pain and asked his colleague to get him some glucose and water.

“There was no emergency medical care on the train. Before a doctor, who was also a passenger, could come, the officer was already dead,” the passenger told a newspaper

After the officer died, his remains was moved to a side of the train, while his face was covered.

The train arrived at Kubwa in Abuja around 3:20pm after which passengers disembarked. Security operatives on ground prevented passengers from recording the incident.

About 20 minutes after the arrival of the train, a police van drove into the station to pick the corpse to the mortuary.

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