May 20, 2024

What is the competition?

Photography competition of images captured during the 4 days of the Durbar.

Who can participate? Anyone may participate and will be judged in two segments:

• Phone camera
• Professional camera

What are the categories?


An image that captures the essence, beauty and spirit of the Durbar festival.

An image that best embodies culture on display


Images that showcases a standout portrait displaying culture, adornments of guests and participants.


Capturing the most striking image of Sarkin Kano during the Durbar.


Images that showcase a portrait of an adorned horse or camel.


Image that captures any relevant historical building, landmark or prominent place.


Capturing the most striking expression of motion from crowd, to horses to other diverse interpretations.

What are the prizes?
1st, 2nd, 3rd & public favorite prizes.

1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize Public Prize

1. Landscape
1st N350,000
2nd N250,000
3rd N150,000
Public N100,000

2. Culture N350,000 N250,000 N150,000 N100,000

3. Motion N250,000 N200,000 N150,000 N100,000

4. Emir’s Portrait N500,000 N350,000 N200,000 N100,000

5. Durbar N200,000 N150,000 N100,000 N100,000

6. Portrait N200,000 N150,000 N100,000 N100,000

7. Horse Portrait N100,000 N 75,000 N 50,000 N50,000

How does one register?

Registration closes the last day of Ramadan

Registration link below must include: Name, gender, social media handles,
camera/phone, lens and place of origin.

How are the pictures judged?

Images are sent to judges dropbox without watermark.

Watermarked images are sent to the social media box and handle for the competition.,

All photographers involved must include their handle or signature on corner of the image. Apart
from the judges decisions, photographs will be displayed on screens in the city,
social media and TV for public voting.

What are terms and conditions to be aware of?

• Watermarked Images must be posted on the photographers handle &
hashtagged with the competition tag.
• Submitted images to dropbox must not have watermark.
• For camera images: Min picture size is 2MB, Maximum 250MB
• Submitted images may be used in magazines and billboards with adequate credits to the photographers.

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