May 20, 2024

Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) has signalled a new era in rail transportation with the re-launch of Kano to Lagos express train service, known as the 2LL.

After extensive refurbishment and successful test-runs, the rail link is poised to reconnect two of Nigeria’s economic powerhouses.  In the series of test-runs, The Guardian witnessed the 2LL traverse Kano to Minna with empty coaches, arriving at Minna Railway Station to the delight of onlookers. These tests serve to fine-tune the operations ahead of the eagerly anticipated return to service.

The Federal Government’s repair works on the damaged portions of the Minna/Kaduna/Kano railway tracks have reached completion, with the NRC certifying their readiness.

The train, upon its arrival, was welcomed by NRC management staff, including the representative of the Railway District Manager, North Western District, Obafunso Suleimon, and other officials, marking a significant milestone in the restoration process.

“Passengers should expect a luxurious travel experience aboard the 2LL, which has received a full makeover. The coaches have been modernised with top-notch facilities for comfort and style. The train’s overnight stay in Minna before proceeding to Lagos was part of the final preparations to assure the safety and reliability of the Minna to Lagos tracks.”

“We are thrilled by the Federal Government’s commitment, as reflected in the efforts of the Minister of Transportation, Said Alkali, and NRC’s Managing Director, Fidet Okheria, to reinvigorate the railway system for the benefit of the Nigerian populace,” said Suleimon.

The express train’s return is a testament to the government’s dedication to improving the nation’s transportation infrastructure. Out of service for about two years due to various challenges, the 2LL Kano to Lagos train is set to come back under President Bola Tinubu.

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