February 28, 2024

The Kaduna AGILE Project remains steadfast in its commitment to community engagement and collaboration, as evidenced by a recent interactive session with esteemed Religious and Community Leaders from Igabi Local Government. The gathering brought together influential figures from Rigasa, Hayin Na’iya, Nariya, Barakallahu, Rigachikun, Malalin Gabas, Hayin Malam Bello, Sobawa, Afaka, Maraban Jos, and Katabu Maraban Jos.

At the heart of the event were the esteemed Chief Imams and Clergies representing various communities, whose presence underscored the importance of unity and cooperation in driving positive change.

The session served as an invaluable opportunity to showcase the impactful initiatives spearheaded by the Kaduna AGILE Project, spanning diverse areas such as education, infrastructure development, conditional cash transfers and skills development.

The Kaduna AGILE team presented a comprehensive overview of the project’s progress, highlighting achievements and milestones attained thus far.

The engagement was marked by dynamic discussions and the exchange of ideas, with Religious and Community Leaders actively contributing insights and perspectives. Their invaluable feedback and suggestions will play a pivotal role in project implementation.

As the Kaduna AGILE Project continues to unfold, this interactive session stands as a testament to the power of partnership and collective action in driving sustainable development and positive change within our communities.

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