April 16, 2024

Several parts of Jigawa State have witnessed the much-awaited first rain of 2024, signaling the beginning of the agricultural season.

Farmers in the area are now gearing up with enthusiasm, anticipating a productive and fruitful farming period.

Local agricultural communities expressed their joy and relief as the rainfall is seen as a positive omen for the upcoming planting season.

Rainfall was recorded in some parts of Jigawa State on Thursday evening and night.

In the wake of the rainfall, farmers across Jigawa have wasted no time in preparing their fields for cultivation.

Munkaila, a small-scale farmer, said he had already cleared his farm and was waiting for the rainy season for cultivation.

He said the first rain came early, compared with previous years.

Malam Muhammad, a resident of Dutse, said the first rain is a sign of blessings by Allah SWA to alleviate the suffering the people are going through.


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