July 18, 2024

“Ya Idris, is everything okey?” Rumaisah said as soon as she walked into my room and saw me shivering in my blanket while on my bed.

Ever since Manal and I separated from each other things hadn’t been easy for me all. It first started with over thinking, then insomnia, and now after having managed to sleep around three in the morning I woke up with a fever and you know my fever wasn’t really good.

“Subhanallah, you are burning fa!” Rumaisah said as soon as she placed her hardel on my neck. “Do you still have some drugs in your…”
“No… no…” I stuttered responding to the pain. “Take… take my phone and please call Aisha”
“Okey, okey” She said as she took the phone from the drawer and began swiping through it. “No network, let me go to the living room”
“Okey, hu… hurry up” I stuttered.

And as soon as she left, I began hearing some voices from my back. I was devastated, there was no one in the room with me – who then could that possibly be or was I hallucinating?
Idris, it’s me…

Turn to me, my love And come to me.
The voice kept penetrating my ears, and when I couldn’t take it anymore I decided to react to it. Of course it was beyond my imagination because it seemed real to me. When I turned, what I saw made me shock. It was my late wife, Safinah and she was broadly smiling.

“No, this can’t be real” I said more like talking to my own self. “You are dead, I lowered you to your grave with my bare hands, this isn’t you” Of course it is me,
I gave you Amani, didn’t I?

And with that, I believed whatever it was to be her – I believed it was her and so I continued with the conversation. “But why did you left me knowing fully I truly love you?” I queried.
I left because I had to,
And now I am here to take you with me.
Come, lets go…

With that she started fading away. “No, don’t go. Please don’t go Safinah!” I screamed trying hard to withdraw from the bed and follow her. Thus, I lost balance, fell to the ground and fainted. What happened thereafter was explained to me after I regained consciousness.

When I opened my eyes I found myself on drip in the staff ward with Aisha sitting next to me in her lab coat. “You are awake?” She uttered.

“Ye… yes, where is Rumaisah and… and…”
“I left Rumaisah at home, I told her not to worry you would be fine” She said boldly.
That moment, I didn’t even know what to say to her. “Thank you, Aisha” I managed to smile.
“You are welcome, but seriously your blood pressure is high. What have you been thinking about, Safinah? Tell me please, Idris” She said.

Just then, the thought of the hallucination I had bounced into my head. Safinah had appeared real to me, so very colourful…
“You have to marry again, Idris” Aisha added.
And by the mentioning of marriage the thought of Manal chimed in. “I don’t think I will ever get someone like Safinah” I said.
“Marry me and see” Aisha said fidgeting her fingers. “Marry me and I will do anything…”

“Hello, Good Morning to you both and happy reviving to you, Idris” Doctor Raymond said as soon as he walked into the ward in scrubs.
“Reviving? Was I dead?” I wrinkled a brow.
“Almost” He extended his hand for a shake.
“Thank God I didn’t” I said as we shook hands.
“Yes, with the help of your wife to be” He said gesturing towards Aisha who in return smiled.
“Actually, I would die if he dies” She giggled.
“I knew it!” Doctor Raymond clapped.

I didn’t want to hear more of their drama so I cleared my throat. “She said my BP is high…”
“Yes, somehow…” He said administering some drugs into the drip for me. “And I am afraid if this happened again then you have 7% chance of surviving. So, whatever is making you to think a lot please try and clear it out of your mind before it becomes too late, my friend”
“Thank you” I gave him a smile.
“You’re welcome” He said smiling while glancing at me and Aisha. “Perfect cou…”
“Couples?” I glared at him. “Man, you are sick”
“Sick? Well, I don’t see myself on a sick bed” He said moving backwards. “Aisha, take care of him, okey? Make sure he doesn’t think alot!”
“I will try my best, sir” Aisha said.
“Good, our wife” He turned and left.
Thus, silence crept upon me and Aisha. She wanted me to marry her but I didn’t love her. I mean, I only like her as a friend. I could even trust her with my soul but whenever I looked at her I wouldn’t see a future with her. To me, she was like a biological sister. I had never had erection while looking at her no matter her makeup, hence why then would I marry her?
“I love you, Idris but I won’t force you to… to marry me if you don’t love me” Aisha uttered breaking the silence between us. “But you must know that if you keep thinking, something bad can happen to you” And just then I saw tears in her eyes. I was puzzled at first, I had to look at her again. “If you die wallahi I will die, Idris…”

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Written by Mohammed Abubakar KingMoha, Inside Arewa

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Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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