April 15, 2024

Labour Party (LP) has alerted Nigerians on consequences of experimental leadership approach and governance by stealth without imagination, deep thinking or concrete ameliorative policies which the All Progressives Congress (APC) has allegedly foisted.

This was contained in a statement by Director-General of the Obi-Datti Campaign Organisation, Balogun Akin Osuntokun, in Abuja, yesterday, following an appraisal of 66 days of the Bola Tinubu administration.

He said the first blunders that visited collateral damage on Nigerians were the unplanned and ill-thought removal of fuel subsidy and unification of exchange rates; uncoordinated and confusing policy announcements, which have led to exponential increase in prices of all goods and services, especially food and basic consumables.

He said the situation is worsened by decline in National Savings Rate and erosion of disposable incomes of Nigerians, thereby increasing poverty and insecurity.

He noted unimaginable extravagance and exponential increase in cost of governance exemplified by appointments of a litany of ministers and aides, and a most unexamined desire to go to a clearly avoidable war with Niger Republic.

He said: “The list is unending, confusing, most unfortunate, and lamentable. There is a clear lack of grasp of the undergirding ethos of good governance predicated on short, medium, and long-term stimulus strategies and policies.

“In their own words, the APC-led government admitted their error of declaring subsidy removal and currency unification without adequate plans to mitigate the potentially huge consequences, as Nigerians are now witnessing in anguish.

“For APC and its leaders, who claim to have long prepared for the job of presiding over Nigeria’s administrative affairs to commit such a blunder, at this critical troubling period of our nation’s history, is inexcusable.

“The magnitude of such a mistake which has debased and threatens to wipe out businesses with unprecedented worsening of living conditions of Nigerians cannot be wished away with mere promises without adequate plans.

“While we agree that ‘After Darkness Comes the Glorious Dawn’, what the APC government clearly reminded Nigerians is that the darkness was caused by the same APC in the last eight years with the gang still the same and bigger now.

“Unfortunately, as APC cannot give what it does not have, the darkness is clearly getting darker and expanding with the largely cosmetic, uncoordinated, and confusing announcement of policies without proper thinking, planning, and execution strategies.”

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