July 14, 2024

The House of Representatives has said media reports that each member will get N200 million sports utility vehicle (SUV) is a bit “exaggerated”.

The House, in a statement by its spokesperson, Akin Rotimi on Sunday, said the vehicles that will be distributed to members are not for personal use.

According to the statement, the vehicles are attached to members and must be returned after their tenure.

Rotimi stated that buying of operational vehicle is not peculiar to the legislature, as appointees of the executive have also gotten cars attached to them.

“While many versions of this story carry varying exaggerations, we can confirm that the National Assembly bureaucracy is in the phased process of procuring and distributing operational vehicles to honourable members over the coming weeks and months,” he said.

He explained that members are to drop the cars after their tenure but can keep them if they are willing to pay.

“For the duration of the 10th assembly (2023 – 2027), the vehicles shall remain the property of the National Assembly.

“At the expiration of the tenure of the 10th Assembly in 2027, should the extant assets deboarding policy of government still be in place, honourable members may have the option of making payment for the outstanding value of the vehicles to government coffers before they can become theirs, otherwise it remains the property of the National Assembly,” he added.

The statement failed to address the exact cost of the vehicles.

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