July 18, 2024

Governor Mohammed Bago has directed all Niger State residents to each plant a tree as a means of fostering a green economy in the state.

Bago, who reeled out the first Executive Order on tree planting, said his administration is ready to create the necessary environment for businesses to thrive.

The Governor gave the order at the state’s green economy summit, where he also tasked the federal government and other stakeholders to key into the green economy initiative.

He said, “We need to educate our people to understand the comparative advantage of doing a green economy we have to be realistic.

“Everybody as a state policy must plant one tree in your compound. So if we have 10 million houses, it means we have just planted 10 million trees but people need to understand the positivity of this.”

The Governor has also directed all local government secretariats in the state to establish nurseries on 2 to 3 hectares of land where trees will be planted and nurtured first before being transferred.

He also called on youths in the state to return to the farms, promising that the state government would make provisions for start-up grants to those willing to join the green economy initiative.

“The next is cost, Niger State Government will give anybody that comes back to farming N1 million, the agric support fund must meet the expectation.

“We are going to create a Niger State EFCC and NFIU and ICPC to make sure that this money goes to the Farmers. We will execute and prosecute people publicly. When you turn funds made for the public into personal use, we will disgrace you.”

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas who spoke at the summit, noted that it provides a major milestone in efforts to tackle the challenges caused by climate change.

“This platform serves as an opportunity to attract both local and international investors who are interested in supporting green initiatives and creating employment opportunities within the state. Additionally, it offers a chance to gain insights from experts and learn about best practices from around the world for implementing effective green solutions.

“The concept of a green economy is rooted in the recognition that economic growth must be pursued in harmony with environmental sustainability. In essence, the development of today must not jeopardize the capacity of future generations to utilize the blessings of nature for their own development,” he said.

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