May 20, 2024

Fuel scarcity is biting hard on Kaduna residents as motorists are forced to buy the product for as high as N1, 100 per liter from black marketers.

Our correspondent reports that many passengers going to work and their business premises were stranded following the scarcity of fuel across the state and very few commercial operators were providing services.

Most filling stations were not dispensing fuel and the few which had the product hiked the pump price to between N750 and N810 per liter. Despite the hike, long queues were seen at the stations.

A resident, Mohammed Amin, said he bought half a gallon of fuel which amounts to two liters for N2, 200. He said he was considering dropping his vehicle and opting for commercial means of transportation if the problem persisted.

Our correspondent further gathered that commercial operators are also taking advantage of the scarcity to hike up their fares.

A commuter, Amina Isa, who said she usually paid N100 from NNPC filling station in Millennium city to a roundabout where she picks another tricycle to her destination,  revealed that, “After waiting three hours without getting a ride, I had no option but to board the next available keke who charged me N300 to the same destination.”

Another passenger, Moses Joseph, said he paid N400 instead of N200 from Kakuri to Ahmadu Bello Way.

Also, Mrs. Anna Yohanna who boarded a bus from Goni Gora to Kaduna Central Market, said she paid N500 instead of N250.

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