April 16, 2024

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has assured that the era of religious and ethnic differences in the state is over.

Speaking on Sunday during the state Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) this year’s Christmas Carol on the theme, “Celebrating the Prince of Peace”, the governor said, “I took an oath before the people of Kaduna State that l will be fair to everyone irrespective of any different of religion or tribe.”

According to him, “We must ensure that peace return to every part of the state. We are one, whether one is a Christian or a Muslim or of any tribe. I will not discriminate anyone on basis of who you are but will ensure that everyone and every part of the state is carried along in the programmes that are lined up for the overall development of the state.”

He promised to take development to every part of the state, saying, “Construction of roads should not be done in one place but should be spread to all parts of the state for the benefit of all citizens.”

The governor added, “I promised to construct many roads in the rural areas and ensure even development, that is why next year’s budget is tagged ‘Rural transformation and inclusive development’.”

He lamented the poverty level in the state, regretting that about 75 per cent of the citizens of the state are living under the poverty level and promised to use religious and community leaders to implement some of his programmes that will have an immense impact on the lives of the common man in the state.

Rev. John Joseph Hayab, the state CAN chairman, expressed gratitude for the governor’s presence at the Christmas Carol, saying that it was only a phone call to the governor and he graciously agreed to attend the programme without going through many protocols.

According to Hayab, “I strongly believed that if the governor put his words into action, it will go a long way to heal so many wounds in the state and open a new page that will ensure unity, peace and development that the people have been denied and yearned for years in the state.”

He believed that the presence of the governor at the Christmas Carol had opened a new chapter in the state, saying, ” Even criminals fear when they see people moving together in love and unity and have a field day when the same people are divided on the basis of religion and tribe.”

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