June 12, 2024

Former President Muhammadu Buhari has been accused by one of his praise singers, Dauda Kahutu, known as Rarara of handing over a destroyed Nigeria to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Rarara, a popular Hausa political singer, who is known to be a staunch follower of Buhari, said the immediate-past president left behind a very bad economy for Tinubu to deal with.

Rarara said this during a press conference that was held in Kano on Thursday where he also said he regretted ever supporting Buhari.

“Buhari made sure he destroyed this country before leaving office. He destroyed everything. And I want them to let Nigerians know,” he said.

“There is no big deal about it. During the PDP administration, we told Nigerians that the party had killed this country, and that was why the people voted for us.

“So why should we be afraid to tell Nigerians what Buhari did? I challenge them to tell people the truth.

“I regret supporting him. The reason is that I supported him blindly, hoping that he would fix the damage done by the PDP administration.”

Rarara also expressed surprise as to why Tinubu has yet to speak up about the alleged recklessness of Buhari’s administration.

“Despite the fact that the president has made appointments in sectors where monumental corruption took place, nobody is saying anything,” he said.

“The president hasn’t said anything. Even the NSA, Defence Minister, Minister of Agriculture, and SGF are all quiet; nobody is saying anything.

“And it would be very disastrous for this administration to be built on the foundation of lies, it would have consequences.”

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