May 20, 2024

…Focused on Development, Job Creation, and Poverty Alleviation

Benue State, Nigeria – December 8, 2023

The Executive Governor of Benue State, Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, delivered a compelling budget presentation to the State Assembly on Friday, 8th December, 2023, outlining the key pillars of the 2024 fiscal plan.

Titled “Budget of Infrastructure Development, Job Creation, and Poverty Alleviation,” the proposed budget reflects his administration’s steadfast commitment to fostering economic growth and social progress across the state.

The Governor’s resounding speech during the presentation highlighted the core priorities and financial allocation aimed at steering Benue State towards a trajectory of robust growth and enhanced societal well-being.

The budget’s total outlay amounts to an impressive ₦225.73 billion, meticulously distributed across various crucial sectors to drive sustainable progress.

The governor emphasized the paramount importance of education, assigning ₦33.86 billion, representing 15% of the budget, towards fostering a more robust educational infrastructure.

Health, another cornerstone of development, received a matching allocation of ₦33.88 billion, accounting for 15.01% of the budget, aimed at improving healthcare accessibility and quality.

A significant focus was directed towards the agricultural sector, with an allocation of ₦28.26 billion (12.52% of the budget), envisioning agricultural development as a key catalyst for economic growth and food security within the state.

Furthermore, Governor Alia’s strategic approach to reinforcing the rule of law and justice was evident in the allocation of ₦12.93 billion (5.73% of the budget) to support the legal system.

Security, a pivotal concern in sustaining stability, was allocated ₦10.81 billion (4.79% of the budget) to fortify efforts in ensuring safety and peace across the state.

With an eye on enhancing infrastructural development, an impressive ₦80.73 billion (35.77% of the budget) was earmarked to bolster the state’s foundational structures.

Additionally, social welfare initiatives received ₦7.77 billion (3.44% of the budget) to aid vulnerable populations, while commerce was allocated ₦4.15 billion (1.84% of the budget) to bolster economic activities.

The remaining ₦13.33 billion (5.90% of the budget) was apportioned to various other critical sectors, demonstrating Governor Alia’s holistic approach to comprehensive development.

This proposed budget, with its multi-dimensional approach, reflects Governor Alia’s unwavering commitment to fostering a prosperous, inclusive, and equitable society in Benue State.

The deliberate allocation across diverse sectors signals a conscious effort towards sustainable development, job creation, and poverty eradication for socio-economic advancement, aiming to position Benue State as a model for inclusive growth and prosperity.

The budget is set to undergo deliberations and scrutiny by the Honorable Members of the State Assembly, marking the initial step toward the realization of Governor Alia’s visionary agenda and strategic development plan for a greater Benue.

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