July 18, 2024

Bandits in large numbers have reportedly attacked Runka town in Safana Local Government Area, killing one person and abducting 22 others.

Reports from the area indicate that the bandits, estimated to be about 100, surrounded the town last Saturday night, armed with sophisticated weapons.

Hon. Abdul Jalal Haruna Runka, the Member representing Safana in the Katsina State House of Assembly, confirmed the attack in a telephone interview. He stated that the bandits infiltrated the town and strategically positioned themselves, preventing residents from escaping or defending themselves.

Hon. Runka added that the bandits might have coordinated with other terrorists from the camps of Mohodinge, Jan Kare, and a leader known as Mustapha. He also mentioned that additional bandits likely joined from the Kunamawa area in Danmusa LGA to carry out the attack.

“We have heard that they came to kidnap some people based on information given to them by their informants. Unfortunately, they did not find their targets and took away 22 people instead, 14 of whom are from the same family,” he said.

“A man and his family members, including his daughter-in-law-14 of them-were among the 22 kidnapped,” he added.


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