March 25, 2023


Residents of BCJ area of Funtua town in Katsina State have been thrown into confusion over circumstances surrounding the death of a man, Musa Dogon-Kwali alleged to have been poisoned by his wife over a new bride.

The incident happened on Sallah day. Sources alleged that Dogon Kwali was poisoned by one of his wives, while others said he died of a heart attack.

Eyewitnesses said Dogon Kwalli was rushed to the hospital after eating a meal purportedly presented to him by the wife, who is currently on the run. Dogon Kwalli, who has since been buried according to Islamic rites, was said to have been threatened by his wife for marrying a new wife. It was reported that the wife was angered and disturbed since Dogon Kwalli added a new bride and had threatened to kill him.

However, another source said when Dogon Kwali was taken to the hospital, a doctor said he wasn’t poisoned, but died as a result of heart attack.

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