November 27, 2022

When it comes to job hunting, many things are left unsaid. In the minds of many, it is always an ideal scenario – brush up your CV, apply for a job, go for the interviews, and land your dream job. However, more often than not, this scenario cannot be farther from the truth. It’s almost always difficult to land the perfect new job. And with the flood of people applying for online jobs, the chances can only get slimmer. The following tips about searching for jobs online aren’t so well-publicized. If you digest and use them appropriately, they could go a long way towards helping you secure attractive job offers.


1. The job you’ve applied for may already have a suitable candidate

If you are applying to a job online that a large brand has posted, the chances are that the Hiring Manager already has a few candidates for that position. He’s just executing the company’s HR process. I’ll let you in on an inside scoop: the art of hiring people to fill in certain positions is not transparent. When a company does post a vacant position and advertise for applicants online, they may already have someone they want to fill in the position. In other words, the advertisement was only placed to “fulfill all righteousness.” Yes, let that stick! Most hiring managers post jobs simply to go through the motion.


2. Networking doesn’t happen at events

Another thing you should know is that networking doesn’t happen at events – most of the time. In fact, 99 percent of networking events are only a waste of time. This is true because most people hardly know what it means to network at events or attend such events with the wrong mindset. If you want to build a strong network, you need to do much more than attending different events and meeting important people. Networking happens when you deliberately build strategic relationships.


3. The most rewarding jobs are not usually posted online

Have you ever heard about the hidden job market? The hidden job market refers to jobs that are not publicly listed online, on job boards, or elsewhere. To land one of the jobs in the hidden job market, you must find it first. But how can you land a job you cannot find? Well, the only way to access and land these types of jobs is through networking, referrals, or by having the hiring manager reach out to you directly.


4. The job posting has a lot of requirements that may not be required to succeed in the actual job

It is the experiences you have that matter most to hiring managers. This tip is one of the job search truth that most job seekers don’t know about. More often than not, most job-seekers are more qualified than they think. Note that while people may focus solely on degrees or past job titles, what matters the most are the qualifications that reside inside of you. Most job ads send many job seekers reeling back in terror at the requirements stated – the job ads are simply delusional. A typical j0b seeker will read these requirements and think, “How in the hell do they expect a job seeker to have such qualifications?”

Well, the truth is that you do not need to have all of the listed qualifications to succeed at that job; most hiring managers know that. So, the good news is that a job-seeker can confidently apply for a job if they possess about fifty percent of the requirements listed in the job advertisement. Make yourself meet most requirements by focusing on getting experience. You can quickly gather the necessary experiences and land your dream job by applying for internships, volunteering, etc. The skills that you learn is the requirement that matters the most.


5.Your CV is the most important element of the job application after connecting with the hiring manager

After you connect with the hiring manager, your CV becomes the most critical factor determining if you’ll get the job. Your CV is the first and perhaps only direct communication with a potential employer. So, your CV should paint a perfect picture in as few words as possible. It should tell them abo

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