August 11, 2022

By Na-Allah Zagga

It’s just unimaginable that an Emir would take a decision to honour a notorious bandit Ado Aliero with a traditional title without the knowledge of the government. If the government doesn’t know about the activities of its own emirs, then how can it know anything about the activities of bandits and their evil plots against the people?


The event was formally held and around 100 bandits reportedly attended the ceremony. How can the government wait until after the event was publicly held before it moved in to suspend the emir and set up a time-wasting committee of investigation? In fact, can an emir give a title to someone without a background check on them? Such decisions require security vetting to avoid giving traditional titles to criminals. But this bandit is well known in the area and the country.


Why didn’t the government storm the ceremony to arrest the bandits while they were attending the event? The emir of Yandoto should also have been arrested at once.


Curiously, the government only acted after angry public reactions. This incident renders the office of the Commissioner of Internal Security ineffective or virtually useless. It’s inconceivable how the emir would have the audacity to honour a notorious bandit and the government had no idea about.


The government that is supposed to have better information about the scandal than the media, but it now seems that it depends on the press to know what is going on in its own area of responsibility. The government should be the primary source of information about such security matters. That is what happens when leaders are asleep at the wheel

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