March 28, 2023


While their brethren are being slaughtered by the barbaric brain dead IPOB terrorists in the South East, the Almajiris/Mallams/Abokis/Hausas/Fulanis and other Northern tribes living in Kano decided to hold a solidarity rally, espousing for peaceful co-existence with their Ndigbo brothers and sisters.

In these pictures, the Northern youth are seen wearing Igbo attires, carrying banners and singing Igbo songs. This has never happened before in Kano! In past years, Kano and other parts of Northern Nigeria would have erupted in retaliatory attacks.

It is evidently clear that we as a nation have made progress. Suddenly, the “primitive” Almajiris/Mallams/Abokis/Hausas/Fulanis and other Northerners, who allegedly have no degrees and can’t speak English, are now teaching the rest of “educated” Nigerians on citizenship, humility, humanity and peaceful coexistence. God willing, Nigeria will never be the same again. Peace is here to stay!

The terror mastermind and coward, Nnamdi Kanu, and his dangerous followers, are thus comprehensively defeated!

Many thanks to all the patriotic Nigerians at home and around the world whose incisive speeches and pleads made this historic event possible.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.


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