March 25, 2023

Sad day in Zaria as young man stabbed a friend with scissors death following a heat argument between them.

The in Edenton happened on 7th of October 2017, as at the time of reporting the incident the deceased has been buried according to Islamic rights while the boy has been handed to police.

Still on the incident a Facebook user has this to say :

This boy resting on his knees killed this man yesterday @ tudun wada Zaria..Just because of small fight and the 17years old boy got angry and stabbed the 25years old man with a scissors through his shoulder and his chest…That’s why our prophet (S.A.W) taught us to control our temper when we are angry..Anybody that felled to follow the teaching of our prophet will regret here and hereafter..May Allah protect us from doing something stupid in this life.

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