June 24, 2022

It is now an established fact that Radio Nigeria Kaduna has lost its glory.
The station that prides itself as the Northern Star condescended to the lowest level of scamming clients in the Holy month of Ramadan. SUBHANALLAH!  SUBHANALLAH! SUBHANALLAH!.

The just concluded Ramadan has exposed the rot at Radio  Nigeria Kaduna. Traditionally, the station dedicate its airtime to the propagation of tafsir collected from clients from all over the North.

This year was no exception but the station never disclosed to its clients lack of alternative source of power in the event of power outage during its broadcast.

From the beginning of Ramadan to the very end, a number of scheduled tafsir programmes could not be aired as a result of power outage.

Clients were forced to accept the situation with no remorse or apology from the management under the leadership of Buhari Auwalu, in spite of the huge amount of monies collected from clients.

Airing the tafsir sermon becomes meaningless after the Holy month as the whole purpose was to seek for multiple reward, blessings and forgiveness exclusively associated with the Holy month of Ramadan.

The management of Radio Nigeria Kaduna should know that all monies collected without the required and timely corresponding service becomes HARAM. The late Sir Ahmadu Bello the founding father of the station couldn’t have envisaged such inglorious act of using Haram to run the station built on trust, honesty and for the common good of the Northern people

The sharp decline in the fortune, glory and prestige of Radio Nigeria Kaduna started in 2016 after the appointment of Buhari Auwalu as Zonal Director of the station.

Auwalu has long ago retired from the service of the Corporation after attaining the 35 years of service. He sought for and was granted contract appointment for consecutive terms of two 2 years each before his present appointment.

So far Mr Auwalu has spent more than 45 years and still counting in the service of Radio Nigeria Kaduna. His long expired tenure has been shrouded in secrecy. He has always  boasted that his tenure as Zonal Director shall remain as long as he wants. It is believed the Director General, Dr Mansur Liman is doing everything possible to retain Mr Auwalu even without the approval of the Hon. Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. Mr Liman & Mr Auwalu have total disdain and disregard for the office of the Hon. Minister.

On march 15th, 2022, Radio Nigeria Kaduna, the pioneer Radio station in the whole of Northern Nigeria celebrated 60 years.

A top ranked station like Radio Nigeria Kaduna deserves a red carpet roll out, choking the airwaves with celebratory songs and extending invitations to participate in celebrating a milestone of the last surviving legacy of the late Premier of Northern Nigeria, Sir Ahmadu Bello. Alas! That was not to be as the Director General and Mr Auwalu ensured that no celebrations took place. The Hon Minister was also never informed.

Coincidentally, the British Broadcasting Corporation Hausa service celebrated 60 years around the same time with Radio Nigeria Kaduna. The BBC celebrations was given more prominence by those who are supposed to glorify the legacy of the late Premier.

The Ramadan tafsir scam is just a tip of the ice bag in the institutionalization of corrupt practices by the Zonal Director, Buhari Auwalu. In spite of the long issued Presidential directive on the operation of treasury single account TSA by the Federal Government to all Government Agencies and Parastatals, Radio Nigeria Kaduna still operates an account with Zenith Bank called ” LOAN REVOLVING ACCOUNT”. An account sometimes used to channel monies meant to be paid into the TSA account. Whether the Director General, Dr Liman is aware of the fraudulent sharp practices perpetuated by the Zonal Director remains unclear.

Similarly, since August 2021, the Federal Ministry of information and culture through a statement signed by the Permanent Secretary, Dr Ifeoma Anyanwutaku sacked all Boards of Parastatals whose tenure has expired under the ministry, Federal Radio Corporation was not exempted.

But it is on record and can be verified that Radio Nigeria Kaduna has continued to pay for all expenses of the immediate past Board Chairman in violation of the Ministerial directive. The Director General cannot be exonerated from such flagrant violation of the Ministerial directive as all payments were reportedly passed to him for final approval.

The survival chance of Radio Nigeria Kaduna in 2022 is now on edge. With prospects of litigation looming as a result of breach of contract due to failure to broadcast Ramadan tafsir for it’s numerous clients as at when due during the Holy month of Ramadan, financial impropriety and inefficiency of the management under Buhari Auwalu to run the station, it has become necessary for the Hon. Minister, Alhaji Lai Mohammed to act swiftly to order for forensic investigation/ auditing of the record books of Radio Nigeria Kaduna. It will amount to a great disservice to allow the legacy of late Sir Ahmadu to collapse under your tenure.

The growing disenchantment is palpable among staff of the station. Huge amount of staff claims have remained unpaid, lack of basic working tools for operational staff, low morale, untidy environment and favouritism are some of the hallmark of the inglorious style of administration of Mr Buhari Auwalu.

All efforts to reach the Zonal Director, Buhari Auwalu on his mobile line no 08037867984 for his comments have proved abortive.

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