September 30, 2022

I entered the police station, hiding behind pillars, but always close. He asked for Nora and she was brought out. She looked disheveled, her hair dirty and unkempt.
Jolomi: “Your lawyer is not doing a great job; I want to get another lawyer for you. He is known for turning cases around, even criminals walk when he handles their case.”
Nora: “You better find a way and get me out of here because, I will start singing and see if I can cut a deal” she said through clenched teeth, as she gripped the bars separating them.
Jolomi: “Whatelse do you want me to do. You were careless, he was right under your nose and you didn’t know”
Nora: “Don’t give me that shit! I did everything for you, so that we could live the life we could only dream of, but immediately you had what you wanted, you threw me aside. Got married, had kids. What about me. Now you want me to stay here alone, get me out or you will join me” she said as tears clouded her eyes.
Jolomi: “I didn’t tell you to kill anybody” he said through clenched teeth.
Nora: “You weren’t saying this when you were asking me to hurry. When you attacked the nanny because you wanted her out of the way” she spat at him and walked back to her cell, without a backward glance. I moved behind a pillar as Jolomi walked out of the police station.
Leke: “He is desperate; he has to be removed from the presidency chair. There is no telling what he will do” I whispered to myself.
I saw Banke for lunch where I updated her about the whole deal.
Banke: “You are rich now” she said, with a smile that was not so bright.
Leke: “What’s that, are you not happy about that?” I asked raising her chin with one finger and gazed into her eyes.
Banke: “Of course I am, you are finally getting what you deserve, but, now the girls will come running. You have money now; you are also a television sensation. Your interview had more than a million views on YouTube; you are fast becoming a celebrity” she said as she pushed the spaghetti around in her plate, with the fork.
Leke: “Well, what I am about to do will pull a spin on all that” I replied.
Banke: “What are you about to do?” she asked anxiously. I told her about the incriminating evidence I had stolen from Nora, and how it could damage my father’s reputation, and get the companies seized.
Banke: “Wow that’s a tough one”
Leke: “Yes it is, but I am, a Christian now, I can’t lower God’s standards because it is inconvenient for me”
Banke: “Wow when did you start talking like that, thought you were an atheist” she said surprise etched on her face.
Leke: “I found God, He was here all along, but I was too blind to see” I replied, she touched my neck like she was feeling for my temperature, then she turned my head this way and that way like she wanted to know if I was truly alright. It made me chuckle.
Banke: “If you who has been telling me that there is no God, can find God, then what am I waiting for” she said. It was the most beautiful thing I ever heard her say. Right there while we were having lunch I preached to her from all I read in the bible, and led her in a short prayer of repentance. I knew I had to lead by example so I told her to follow me home to get the incriminating documents, so we could take it to the EFCC. I didn’t know what the future held, but I was confident that God would make everything right.
I walked into their office and demanded to speak with someone; I introduced myself to the investigator that was given to me. I went ahead to tell him all about Nora blackmailing my father.
Leke: “These are the documents she was using to blackmail him” The man who had two long tribal marks on each side of his face, looked up from the documents and stared at me.
Investigator: “Are you angry at your father? Is this some sort of revenge against him?” he asked, trying to understand where I was coming from.
Leke: “No, I might have hated my father at one point in my life, but not anymore. He was only human; he made mistakes that cost him more than he bargained for. I am doing this because it is the right thing to do” I said and Banke held my hand, this action gave me assurance.
Investigator: “However, are you aware of the consequences of this thing you are doing?”he asked. He was probably to receive settlement and sweep everything under the table, or perhaps he was being nice.
Leke: “I am well aware, what would it profit me if I lost my standing with God so I could protect the image of my family?”I retorted.
Investigator: “Very well, we will carry out our own investigations and do the needful. Thank you, you are a law abiding citizen. Nigeria needs more of you” he said and shook my hands.
Leke: “Oh well, Nigeria needs more of God” I replied.
Since the day of the court ruling, I had taken up residence in the house where I was born. I was watching the news, where I saw that Nora had been granted bail, and the trial set for a month away. All thanks to a celebrity lawyer, notorious for setting criminals free. He could manipulate the law, even doctor evidence. He did whatever was necessary to get his client freed. I took out my phone to call barrister Indimi when Iya Biliki came into the living room, a young man dressed in suit on her heels.
Iya Biliki: “This man say na Oba send am, he wan see you”
Leke: “Which Oba are you talking about?” I asked
Iya Biliki: “Your grandpapa na, your mama papa” I stood up abruptly.
Leke: “My grandfather? The same one that didn’t care, to look for his grandson all these years, or is it the one, that could not ask questions about his daughter’s death?” I asked angrily.
Man: “I am only the messenger, come see him and ask him his reason. Your grandfather is dying, this may be your only chance to get your answers” he said earnestly. I typed a message on my phone to barrister Indimi to make an appointment for later in the day.
The car that had been sent to pick me drove into the Oba’s palace amidst women singing and throwing flowers. The car pulled up to the entrance which was decorated with wreaths and gold painted pillars. I alighted from the car and saw that a red carpet has been rolled out from the car into the palace. The man who had come to the house escorted me into the palace. A woman dressed elegantly approached me; she held me and looked at me. Then she embraced me.
Woman: “Welcome home son”
Leke: “And you are?”
Woman: “Olori Abike, the second wife of the oba. Your grandmother was the first wife but she died before you were born” she said.
Leke: “I see” I said acidly. Suddenly I was their son, where were they all, when I needed them. I kept a passive face as she took me by the hand and led me upstairs. The Oba was in his bedroom; he was bedridden and couldn’t come down to the living room, so I was to meet him in his bedroom. I was filled with indifference as I entered the room, and beheld the man on the bed. He was not the tall and strong man I knew from my childhood, he was frail and shrunken. It removed every feeling of anger I had towards him. I rushed to him, and knelt down by the bed.
Leke: “I am here grandfather” I said.
Oba: “Omo mi” he replied in a feeble voice as he placed his hand on my head.
Olori Abike: “He has been this way since he found out that his daughter did not commit suicide but was probably murdered. He feels he failed her by not asking questions. He was mad at her for too long” she said.
Oba: “Abike, I am sick, not dumb. Allow me tell my own story” he said feebly, Olori Abike bowed her head slightly before leaving the room. I went closer to him, and though his face had been weathered by the years, I could still see my mother’s face in his.
Leke: “Grandfather” I said as different emotions flooded me.
Oba: “I did wrong, I thought wrong” he said as he struggled to tell his story.

Question: What story would Adeleke’s grandfather tell?

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