October 5, 2022

Nora: “What evidence could you have? Stop wasting our time” she barked. Barrister Indimi walked up to the judge and presented an old worn out paper, then he distributed photocopies to the court clerk.
Indimi: “Right there is a letter written by the deceased, Bamidele to his son. Hoping that, one day his son would return. He kept the letter with a trusted employee, who gave it to his son when it was made public that he is the son of Bamidele Aboderine” Nora eyes bulged, I had played a fast one on her.
Judge: “While we run tests to ascertain the authenticity of this letter, constables arrest that woman for the murder of Mrs Folake Aboderine whose assets are also included here”
Nora: “What! This is not what is being discussed here; this is a civil court not a criminal court” she said fiercely, clenching her fist. If she could, she would strangle the judge.
Judge: “The law is the law; of course I am not trying you. You will be kept in a holding cell till the letter is proven to be true, then you will be charged. Meanwhile the case is adjourned to two days hence. I expect that the necessary test would have been carried out” the judge said and hit the gavel with finality. Two constables had already gotten hold of Nora and were leading her away to the court’s holding cell. She turned and looked at me, her eyes filled with hatred. Then her eyes went from me to a man sitting at the far back of the court room. He shook his head at her, and I saw a cloud come over her face.
Leke: “How do they carry out test on paper?” I asked as I walked out of the court room with barrister Indimi.
Indimi: “They will do an analysis of the writing, to determine if Mr.Bamidele Aboderine wrote the letter. They will probably date the paper too, to know how old it is. If everything checks, we would have killed two birds with one stone” he said.
Leke: “Wow” that was the only thing I could say, I was overwhelmed, my goal was so close.
Indimi: “You know it is about time you stop making this about revenge, and start making it about responsibility. Responsibility to your parents, to the companies, to your family” he said and patted me on the shoulder, it was like a man to a man. As I watched him leave, Banke came up to me and held me.
Banke: “It is going to be fine” she said, as she held me from behind. Her body, so close to mine, made me feel warm and reassured that everything would turn out alright.
Two days later, we were in court again, Banke did not come with me because she had a test; I kept forgetting school was now in session because she was always with me. The judge entered the court room and Nora was brought forward, she had on an orange jumpsuit.
Judge: “The court clerk should pass around the test results as given by our analysts” he said, and the court clerk passed some papers to barrister Indimi, and Nora’s lawyer, who looked grim as he perused the letter.
Judge: “Effective today, all assets belonging to the Aboderine family should be handed over to the one and only heir, Adeleke Aboderine. Based on the other facts contained in the letter, Mrs Nora Aboderine should be handed over to the police” He said and hit the gavel. I turned to barrister Indimi, and when he extended his hand for a handshake, I threw my arms around him and hugged him.
Indimi: “You are welcome. I will see that there is a smooth handover to you. Look smart, today is going to be a long day” he said and nodded his head.
That night I slept, thinking of the words barrister Indimi had spoken at the court. I asked myself if I was doing it all because I wanted to revenge for all the things Nora did to me, I decided that I was doing it for my parents, especially my mother. She didn’t deserve to die the way she did, so she deserved justice. Nevertheless I couldn’t deceive myself, I felt that if Nora was thrown behind bars, I would have the peace that had eluded me for a long time, that the wound in my heart would begin to heal, that the deep seated anger I felt towards life and humans will begin to go away. I was almost close to my goal, so why did peace still elude me? I slept thinking of all these. Then I saw my mother again, and this time she was talking.
Folake: “My son, it is high time you accept this one truth. God exists, take it from me. The battle is not over, it has only begun. Your integrity will be tested; your strength will be tested. You need God, my son. Find God now” she said, and I bolted out of my sleep. I was breathing fast, and my body was wet with sweat.
Leke: “What kind of a dream is this? Find God, where? Is he in the south, or the east, or the west, where is God?” I asked aloud. Then a voice whispered in my mind.
Voice: “He is in you” the voice said, I knew not where it came from. I was greatly troubled, I tossed and tossed in bed but I could not go back to sleep. I was a voracious reader, I had read different kinds of book, but never have I read the bible. I took my phone and downloaded a bible app, with the intent to read and see what is said about God. I read all through the night, from Genesis. At some point I began to read the New Testament. By the time it was morning, I had this conviction in my heart that there was God. I didn’t know how to pray, no one taught me. Mother was too busy with the company to poke into my spirituality. So I knelt down beside my bed and prayed like Jesus had said in the bible.
Leke: “Our Father, who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation…” I prayed and asked for forgiveness for not believing that there is God. That morning I felt peace, a peace that had eluded me all the while, I smiled easily as I walked into Fola fashion house. I felt like singing. A new man had been born.
Kunmi: “You look different, happy. Well you should be, you are finally getting justice” she said
Leke: “Yes, but it is more than that.” I said as I went through the lookbook for the new collection. I was happy I met Kunmi, she taught me a lot of things, so even though I was a long way from being a fashion guru, at least I was on my way. Barrister Indimi arrived and called a board meeting, in which Nora’s lawyer was present to hand over all the documents pertaining to not just Fola fashion house, but also Balon oil, and the houses, and the cars. As he was handing over the documents to me, I remembered another set of documents, the incriminating ones that would tarnish my father’s reputation. I had stolen them to prevent Nora from using them against me, but now that I had found God, I felt that restitution was needed. It was not an easy decision to make. After the formalities, on our way to Balon oil group of companies, I told barrister Indimi what I was planning to do.
Leke: “I want to hand over the documents to the EFCC” I said soberly. He pulled over to the side abruptly, the tyres of the car made a screeching sound as the car braked.
Indimi: “Did I hear you correctly? You risked your life to get these documents and now you want to give them to the EFCC? Do you know what they will do? They will seize all companies related to Balon oil, all properties because it would be assumed that the proceeds of fraud were used to acquire them, do you want to get everything back from Nora and then lose them?”
Leke: “God will take control, I just have to do His will and believe that He has better plans for me” I said and barrister Indimi just looked at me incredulously. My mind was made up and I was not going to turn around.
At the company, I saw the man who Nora had been looking at, and I saw that he had an interest in me.
Leke: “Have we met?” I asked him. He replied in the negative, but there was something about him that didn’t sit well with me. I asked him about his role in the company and he told me that he was the president of the company. Then I remembered that Nora had been begging a man on the phone in the video that Banke recorded. This was the mystery man. I pulled barrister Indimi aside and whispered to him.
Leke: “That man, the president of the company, we have to investigate him, I think that he is the man that Nora is seeing. He was at the court and she exchanged a look with him” I said.
Indimi: “Alright, I will put a P.I on him; let’s see what we will find out” he said and went back to his discussion. I knew before the barrister would get around to it, we would lose something vital. So I didn’t go home, I switched off my phone and began to tail him. He was called Jolomi, and he was married with two kids, according to his company profile. He was in the human resource department at first but was promoted when Nora became the chairman of the company. I watched him as he drove into his magnificent house, I could not follow him inside, and so I waited. I wanted to see if he would go to Nora. I got lucky when after two hours, his gate opened and I saw his car drive out, I caught a glimpse of a fair skinned lady waving him goodbye before the gate closed. I followed him slowly as he drove into Epe police headquarters where Nora was held pending when she would be charged.


Do You think Adeleke should hand over the incriminating documents to the EFCC, will he change his mind?

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Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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