May 19, 2022
I was surprised after I had called Prisca several times without her responding to any of my calls, Banke’s calls came in.
I was still angry that she had caused problems between me and Prisca, but I received the call anyway, she still had me by the balls. I was not ready to expose myself to Nora, till I was ready to bring her down and get justice served.
Leke: “Hello” I said, in a nonchalant voice.
Banke: “Hmmn, am sorry” she said. I could feel that she was forcing herself to apologize. Truthfully, it was the not in her place to do so, I was the one at fault, I was cheating on her. So why was she forcing herself to apologize, she was a beautiful young woman per physical looks; she could get any man she wanted. I put it down to her love for me. I told myself she was obsessed with me.
Leke: “You don’t have to apologize, I was wrong to get close to Prisca, but I have never cheated on you. She called me, and said she wanted to treat me to lunch as an appreciation of the video which made her click one million followers. I didn’t know how to tell her to stop smooching me, because I did not want to spoil her joy”
Banke: “Really, that bitch has been eyeing you from the onset” she said, I could hear the anger in her voice.
Leke: “Hope you have not done something crazy in your moment of rage”
Banke: “You think I exposed your project, I didn’t. I would have but I realized that I loved you and I couldn’t do that to you” she retorted, and I pumped my fist in the air…literally
Leke: “This is a temporary setback, I love you and we will make it”
Banke: “I love you too” she replied and we kissed.
Weeks after, Banke had begun to act up, she would bring up excuses that would keep her from coming to my place, and she also did not come to my office regularly as she was used to. I was in my office one day when Nora walked in; I had a ready smile on my lips. I was ready to seduce her because, since the issue with Prisca, Banke had not been bringing any evidence. She wouldn’t allow me put a drug in Nora’s coffee, I needed Nora to confess all I thought she did. So I was ready to seduce her, if that would get me what I want.
Nora: “I checked our records, and you came in from the cleaning staff, you submitted no credentials or means of identification” she said. My heart began to hammer in my chest.
Leke: “Yes I did not; it was not required for my level of work”
Nora: “What did you say your name is?” she asked sounding disinterested, but under that I could sense her interest.
Leke: “I am Mikhail” I said trying my best not to stutter.
Nora: “I meant your surname” she replied impatiently.
Leke: “Uhm, Samoa” I picked a name out of thin air.
Nora: “I see. Sorry for the interrogation, but the things that are happening are beginning to look like sabotage, so we are checking our staff. Everybody is accounted for, except the lower level staff like the cleaners, which I would get to. So I would like to see some sort of identification”
Leke: “I will get it to you ma’am” I replied, even as my mind was racing. She turned to leave, and I went back to the prototype I was working on. But when I raised my head, I saw her standing by the door, and I could swear I saw something in her eyes.
I was worried throughout the day, I told myself the curtain would soon fall, it was time to make a contingency plan. I went on the net and began to search Google for private investigators in Lagos. By the time I closed for the day, I had two investigators I wanted to check out, but I was also thinking of what Nora had said, I wondered where I would get a fake identity, I was also worried about Prisca. She had not been receiving my calls for weeks, and she also stopped coming to the gym where we usually did workout.
I called Banke to come spend the night with me as she would have done before the Prisca issue, but she came up with another excuse. So I spent the night tumbling from one side of the bed to the other thinking of all the things I had to do.
For the first time since I left the mental home, I cried. I was just sixteen going on seventeen, but I was wearing shoes that were proving to be bigger than me.
My mother while alive, would tell me that God always watched over the world, so if there was a God and he was watching, why did he allow the bad things that happened to me, to happen? The God factor was created by human beings, I had read that in a book and I believed it. Even though there was something in my heart trying to convince me to the contrary.
The next day, I called Kunmi to ask to be excused from work because I was sick. I wanted to use that day to see two investigators I had picked and see if they were worth their mettle. I also wanted to ask around for fake identity cards and all. I called Mary on the number she gave me; I thought perhaps she could help me with the fake identity; after all she was not as innocent as I had thought her to be.
Leke: “Hello ma’am” I said as she picked on the first ring.
Mary: “I am still Mary, I have not changed Leke”
Leke: “You have. Why did you come to the fashion house, were you going to blackmail Nora into giving you more money?”
Mary: “I came to see you, not her. I wanted to tell you that I am ready to confess” That was a shocker to me.
Leke: “So why have you not confessed?”
Mary: “Are you ready to let the world know your true identity?”
Leke: “Am not. It is the reason I called you, I need fake identity card, where can I get one?”
Mary: “I will ask my nephew. I will call you when I have answer” she replied, and I hung up immediately.
I got into the office and the first person I saw was Banke, I pulled her into a corridor and smashed my lips on hers. But she did not respond, her lips were like cold marble, and she was like a lifeless statue.
Leke: “Banks, what is wrong?” I had kissed her, not because I was aroused by her presence, but I had wanted to test something.
And I was right, contrary to what Banke made me believe, she had not forgiven me, it was the reason she was avoiding me. If she did not forgive me, why did she not break up with me, why was she carrying on like we were in a relationship? It occurred to me at that instant that, Banke and I had not had sex since the Prisca incident.
Banke: “Why should something be wrong?”
Leke: “You are not the Banke I know, you don’t visit, when last did we have sex?”
Banke: “Come on, I have personal issues, it is not like I don’t want to come. School will soon begin, I am busy getting ready” she said and rushed over to me, giving me little kisses on my neck, but it was all forced, she was not a good actress. What is going on? I wondered to myself. Just then Kunmi came in, and glanced our way.
Kunmi: “I told you both, no romance in the office!” she said sternly. I quickly moved away to my office. The moment I opened the laptop, I went to my Facebook page, I wanted to keep up on the happenings, but what I saw made my eyes bulge and my heart fall out of my chest.
Leke: “Oh no! Banke, what have you done?” I exclaimed and bowed my head in my hands.

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