March 26, 2023

My name is Sajida

I have an NCE in Primary Education Studies. I had so many goals in life. Part of it was to be a caterer. I did a six months training in catering and make-up is part of me! Then suddenly I was having continuous severe headache, after months of tests without diagnosing the actual problem I Stopped trying then few months back I was at home when I noticed some fluids running down from my nose, at first people thought it was just the usual cold, but then when it got worse, I went to see an ENT doctor who asked me to do a CT Scan. Well, that was how it all began. CT Scan was terrible, because I am unemployed, my dad died when I was 3 and my mother is a description of full house wife. With the help of relatives, I managed to do the CT Scan and then an MRI. The scariest part of it was the result that states I have hydrocephalus (that is a term i had to google) it means one having water on the brain, that i have a Brain Tumour and there has to be a surgery, though Doctors are optimistic that it will be successful but the major issue is that  we’ll have to raise N3million  for the surgery, how? i don’t know? but i keep praying for a way out and as  a believer of fate, i know God only tests those He cares for and God does not put a burden on a soul beyond what that soul can bear. Sometimes it gets too scary and i am much worried about my mother for she keeps on crying all through.

Anyone who is willing to help can do so through any of the following :

Sajida bashir

Fidelity bank


GO Fund Me Accounts:

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