September 30, 2022

So should we fold our hands and watch our state being mortgaged by those who don’t even reside in the state?

The news of the meeting held on Tuesday where they finalised the decision to mortgage our state at the sum of 4Billion naira by has already gone public. What is disheartening about this is that these are same people who God has given capacity to help the state move forward but are the very people who are trying be all means to bring the it down.

For someone who has enjoined juicy contracts in the govt running into tens of billions but all that is not enough yet still want to hand over the state to a man who has no public service experience, who himself is surrounded by huge debts. What has Niger state done to you people apart from enriching you that you insist on bringing it down to zero.

It is disappointing that they took us for granted, they see us as chickens who have no say of their own, they just come and brag about money and assume all of us will run to them because of money, we are wiser now.

They will collect your money and the good people of Niger state will not vote for you.

We are no longer interested in people who will come and display money with no development plans for the state to take leadership positions,

Suleman Isa
Zariyawa road

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