June 6, 2023

Nomination Guidelines

The project ‘Patriotic service Awards’ 2017 is geared towards reviving patriotism by celebrating individuals who have rendered selfless service to the nation.

It will also acknowledge companies as well as organizations that have been able to live up to its corporate social responsibilities, not only in the environment where they exist, but to the nation at large.

Attention will also be given to persons in government of proven integrity, whose practices as well as policies, are devoid of corruption and engender peace, development, integration and national unity.

The motivation behind this project, is to bring to the fore, individuals, personalities whose personal sacrifice towards humanity and nation building, have escaped recognition.

The most voted for in each category, will emerge the winner and will be presented with the Patriotic Service Awards.



In furtherance of Patriotic Service, commitment to productivity, improvement in the economy and the ideals of excellence in service. The Patriotic Service Platform has instituted the Patriotic Service Awards to take place annually.


The project ‘Patriotic Service Awards’ is designed with the following aims and objectives

– To encourage patriotism and selfless service to our nation; by celebrating individuals, corporate organizations and persons in government who have made noteworthy efforts in this direction.
-To rebrand Nigeria by promoting the aforementioned virtues; patriotism, nationalism, integrity as well as reviving individual and corporate responsibility.
– To reduce corruption to the barest minimum, discourage unnecessary accumulation of wealth and self aggrandizement.
– To promote peace, development, integration and national unity.
– To create positive role models for the youths of the nation.


The Patriotic Service Awards will be in different categories as follows:

[This Category is for Individuals]
1. Meritorious Service Award
2. Selfless Service Merit Award
3. Productivity and Excellent Service Award
4. Scholarship Achievement Award
5. Interstate/Institutional Development Award
6. Exemplary Leadership Merit Award

  1. Best Artist for Humanitarian Service

[This Category is for Government Officials]

  1. Best Governor in Education
    9. Best Governor in Infrastructure
    10. Best Governor in Health
    11. Best Performed Governor
    12. Best Performed Senator on Physical Projects and Human Empowerment ( Constituency Project)
    13. Best Performed Representative on Physical Project and Human Empowerment ( Constituency Project)
    14. Most Performing First Lady

[This Category is for Companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)]

  1. Best Company in Education
    16. Best Company in Health Care
    17. Best Company in Youth Empowerment
    18. Best Company in Community Involvement
    19.  Best  Media Company
  2. Best Company in Children Programme
    22. Best Foundation in Education
    23. Best Foundation in Health
    24. Best Foundation in Youth Empowerment
    25. Best Foundation in Infrastructure

Nominations are hereby invited from individuals who are of Nigeria nationality including organizations and states in Nigeria.

All nominations must use the format of the NOMINATION FORM shown below.

To nominate, input your name and email address in the spaces provided in the form below. Put ‘Nomination’ as subject then input the number of the category or the name of the category and the name of the individual/company/organization you are nominating in the message box. If you have contact of the nominee you can also input it in the message box and submit.

All nominations would be collated and results would be posted after careful deliberation.


Link to the nomination page is http://patrioticservice.com.ng/nomination-guidelines-2/

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