October 4, 2022

Poised to improve local and foreign direct investment, the Gombe state government plans to host an investment summit for enhanced socio-economic development.

Gombe State has huge potential that is yet to be fully realised. The state is at a point of strength with a rapidly expanding economy, improving infrastructure and institutions, a large number of young people, growing digital connectivity, a stronger standing in the national arena, continuing inherent geographical and environmental advantages.

These positive developments and advantages provide a sound basis for future prosperity. The plan builds upon these strengths will expand the development frontier and further transform the state.

The forum will provide opportunity for participants to learn about multibillion-dollar investment opportunities in 11 thriving sectors especially in an economy that is competitive and driving the North East into economic recovery.

The Summit will be attended by over 3,000 participants including key players and investors from the private sector, government officials, thought leaders and policy experts.

Investors, financiers, FDI intermediaries and companies interested in doing business with Gombe are invited to participate and benefit from Investment Projects Ready to Offer (IPRO), Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects, as well as opportunities for Business to Business and Business to Government meetings.

The Governor of Gombe state, Mohammed Inuwa Yahaya will host a high-level closed-door pitching meeting to fast-track new investment leads and promote Gombe as a preferred investment destination as well as facilitate engagements between potential investors and the state’s entities.

The Gombe State Development Pillars

is an inclusive economy that creates income and employment opportunities.

The Infrastructure Development Pillar is also anchored on sustainable infrastructure that improves living standards and catalyses economic growth and development

The Social Development and Welfare Pillar is aimed at attaining educated, productive skilled, enterprising, healthy and secure citizen.

The Sustainable Environment Pillar targets clean, green, healthy and sustainable environment while the Governance, Administration and Institutional Capacity Pillar – Setting out the principles that underpin support for good governance

through collaborative efforts with all state’s Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

The state has taken steps in the design and implementation of innovative investment policies and strategies that will enhance its competitiveness.

This event will promote the state in the national and international market place to attract domestic and foreign direct investment with a view to exploiting its vast potentials.

Reasons to invest

PERFECTLY LOCATED in the centre of the North East offering excellent access to the nineteen states of Northern Nigeria.

Effective Governance – Despite security challenges in the North East, Gombe state government committed to making the state the safest haven for investors by implementing sound policies. This is seen in the state’s NUMBER 1 ranking as the best place to do business.

Skilled Workforce – The availability of educational and training institutions, as well as the government’s purposeful attempt to have a pool of skilled labor force for the industries, contribute to the young population.

Gateway to Northern Nigerian Market – A BETTER BRIDGE across Nigeria’s 19 northern states, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective outlet to key markets, with access to over 100 million clients.

Efficient Land Management System – With its efficient land management agency GOGIS, it provides efficient access to land information. The land acquisition procedure is accelerated, making it more convenient. Aids in the identification of the best sites and locations for your company.

Raw materials availability – Gombe offers large agricultural land that is suitable for various types of agriculture, as well as substantial mineral resources that are ready to be exploited.

Favourable Market Access to Global Markets – The African Continental Free Trade Area will boost intra-Africa trade and create a market that will unlock industrial development. The state new Agro-Industrial Park being developed in the step is a step towards providing a platform for investors into global markets.

Hot Emerging Market – Gombe is a strategically situated and promising emerging location. The state boasts a wealth of natural resources, world-class infrastructure and for a potentially established manufacturing base.

No 1 EODB Ranking even during the Pandemic – A breakdown of the results showed that out of an average of Infrastructure and Security, Gombe scored 5.86 in Electricity, 5.86 in Transportation, Primary Healthcare 7.50 and Security, 7.99, with an average score of 6.80. In Transparency and Access to Information, the state scored 9.35 in Investment Promotion and 8.69 in State Information Structures, with an average score of 9.02. In the regulatory environment, it scored 5.75 in paying taxes, 8.21 in Starting a Business, 6.44 in Enforcing Contracts and 7.64 in Land, Property Acquisition and Development. Its average was 7.01. Lastly, in Skill and Labour, Gombe scored 7.94 in Technical and Professional Skills. The cumulative average of the state was 7.69, shooting it to the top of the list of states with the best enabling environment for doing business in the country.

Key themes during the summit


Investors must manage the existing pandemic-hit environment, while forging strategies for post-pandemic growth. Explore the key elements of the Agro-industrial Park being developed to facilitate economic growth in Gombe.

ESG and Investment

How can we help Investors integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) norms into investment decision-making?

Strategies for Gombe

In Gombe’s changing business environment, what are the best strategies for Investors to mitigate risk and take advantage of the opportunities in Gombe?

Strategies for a Green Economy in Gombe

Key questions the summit will provide answers for include – How can sustainability become the competitive advantage for the Nigeria as a whole? How can the strategies and activities of the state underpin that theme? How can the state navigate a post-pandemic investment landscape? How can the North Eastern states boost each other? And certainly, what do investors themselves think?

The Muhammadu Buhari Industrial Park- One of the highlights of the Investment Summit.

About: The Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya administration has commenced construction works at the 1,000ha Muhammadu Buhari Industrial Park, Dadin Kowa in Yamaltu Deba for the purpose of fast-tracking industrial development in the state.

Aim: To create a manufacturing and industrial processing hub at the heart of the North-East Geopolitical Zone by providing an enabling environmental and necessary infrastructure for the establishment of small, medium and largescale manufacturing, processing and service companies.

The park will tap from the following comparative advantages that Gombe State has to become an industrial powerhouse in the area:

Location in the centre of the northeast

Relative peace and security to guarantee good return for investment

Availability of raw materials for manufacturing and processing

Extensive transportation network and facilities that link to all locations in the country and beyond

Availability of energy and water sources

Young and relatively skilled population

Size: The Industrial Park will occupy a land area of 1,000 hectares

Expected benefits:

10,000 direct jobs

100,000 indirect jobs

Local economic growth

Reduction in the cost of providing infrastructure to small industrial clusters

Reduction in environmental and social impacts of industrialisation


10 mega factories

Several small and medium industries.

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