June 10, 2023

Niger State government has called on the citizens in the state to hold government  accountable on how monies were being expended in the state in a bid to adopt the strategy of social protection of the poor and vulnerable in the society.

Speaking on yesterday, while declaring open the federal government’s Savings and Group Mobilization Training for National Cash Transfer Beneficiaries (NCTB) program in Minna, the state Commissioner of Information, Mr. Jonathan Vatsa pointed out that the reason why there were many poor people in the country was  because the governed have failed to ask questions.

According to him “our people should ask questions; ask how government monies are being spent, because it will bring about checks and balances.“ The only way to get out of poverty is to get education, but the rich and those who stole our monies are killing the system so that you don’t get informed. He said further that the rich in the society deliberately took advantage of the poor and vulnerable to get rich, adding that “the poverty and sufferings in Nigeria today is not from God but man-made.“ So many of them are happy especially when you complain; they derive pleasure when you beg them for money.

All they do is to put you in check.In her remarks, the National Program Coordinator, NCTB, Dr. Temitope Sinkaiye, said 162 facilitators which are drawn from 12 local government areas of the state are to attend to 12,000 beneficiaries with one facilitator per ward. “This is the first phase, we are starting withfour states now which includes Niger state.

We will also continue with another four states as we currently we have sixteenstates participating in the cash transfer in Nigeria. ”She added that all states are eligible “but we are starting with those that are ready and have signed the Memorandum of Understand. ”She however urged the facilitators to monitor and supervise the beneficiaries to ensure they know what they are doing.

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