March 26, 2023

Chief of Staff to Governor Abu Sani Bello, Hon Mikail Al-Amin Bmitosahi on Friday in Kuta, Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger state joins Islamic faithful the world over to observe special Eid prayers as part of the Ed- El- Kabir festival, wishing all Muslims a blessed celebration and all Nigerians peace.

His Message:

As we celebrate this happy occasion here, we should also keep in our thoughts and prayers those around the world who will be marking this festival in places of conflict and insecurity.

This festival’s commemoration of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice for his faith is a reminder of the shared roots of the world’s great Abrahamic faiths. It is a Festival of Sacrifice, warm spirit of neighbourliness and compassion, the Eid celebrations demonstrate common values in which we can all share.

The celebration is not only meant for people to eat and drink but it is also a clarion call for all of us to imbibe the lessons of the season such as selfless service to God and humanity, sacrifice and sincere commitment to righteous conducts in all our engagements.

He tasks all Nigerians to love one another and lay aside political/religious/ethnic sentiments as progress cannot be made and peace cannot be achieved without love.

I hope that this will be a wonderful occasion for everyone who is taking part. I pray to Allaah to grant us peace and protect our nation.

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