May 19, 2022


When we went on campaign in 2015, we could not make it to Bunu Genu Village because the road was in a serious state of disrepair.

What made our journey even impossible was that we had to drive inside water with our cars to get to Bunu Genu.

Gov Abu Sani Bello felt it was highly unfair for a road that connects over 30 communities be abandoned for decades, and residents of the area allowed to face this sort of hardship despite their economic activities.

And so today under the Restoration Agenda of The Road Master, Bunu-Genu road is wearing a new look and new bridge is also being constructed.

Further to the above, the Infrastructure Committee took an on-the-spot assessment to ascertain the progress level of the ongoing construction of the road and the bridge.

Chairman of the committee, Hon. Ibrahim Balarabe Kagara expressed satisfaction with the level of work done so far.


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