June 10, 2023


* Hon. Habu Dala Aji was slapped by Senator Ali Ndume at a Political Meeting

Pending the outcome of resolution passed in respect on an attack on its members, the speaker of the house Abdkareem lawal in a press statement issued to pressmen in maiduguri that a member representing Damboa.

Hon. Habu Dala aji was slapped by Senator Ali Ndume In his residency when he was trying to settle a misunderstanding between his electorate from Damboa, and in the same vein some hoodlums attacked and beat up hon member mohammed saleh Baga into a state of comma and was hospitalised for 3 months.

The house resolved that:

1) all sponsors and those who attacked saleh Banga should be arrested and arraigned. Before a court of law by security agencies,

2) the inspector general of police (IGP) and Senate president are to investigate the action of Senator Ndume’s slapping and humiliation of Hon. Habu Dala Aji,

3) The Kwaya-Kusar local council secretary should be relieved of her position as Secretary to the local Government

4) The Honourable House also resolve to suspend legislative activities for 1 month pending the outcome of the resolution passed.


Hon. Abdulkareem Lawan
Honourable Speaker, Borno State House of Assembly.


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