March 26, 2023

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“Hey cutie, I will be going to Kano for weekend ”  said Naseem.

“kai haba! Life is not fair at all because I have started missing you already” said Usaima while throwing tantrum.


“You know Ramadan is around the corner so I have to go prepare for it”.

Hmm! What’s there to prepare for Ramadan you’re not a Family man? Usaima said.


He responded by saying “So you don’t know am a Family man”?

Usamai: “Be my guess and explained to me…”

Naseem: “Don’t forget I have you and baby Faruk”

Ummu Faruk and Abu Faruk is the name they fondly call each other, baby Faruk is the name they plan on giving their unborn first son Insha Allah.


Mansura Karaye have been calling me since, she is going to kill me today, I told him as I answered the call.

Usaima: “Hello bestie”

Another voice from the other end: ‘Bestie uban wa’? Have been calling you for ages and it’s now that you decide to answer it, why do you kept me waiting? ‘Halan kina tare da chewing gum guy’?

About 10sec of silent … Then we both burst out laughing because the phone is on speaker. That’s the name she teasingly call Naseem.

Usaima “A’ah kin manta hand bag”

Mansura: “wait a minute, am I on speaker again”? Lallai zanci ubanki idan kika dawo yau”

Usaima: “No!!! then I removed it on speaker. “Where are you now? Usaima asked Mansura.

Mansura: “At social centre”

Usaima: “Alright am very close to the place will be there in a minute.

Abu Faruk let me go see Mansura, her hand out is with me and we have test tomorrow.

Naseem: “Ok, leave your hand bag with me so you will not stay long”

She then left her bag with him and headed to social center where Mansura karaye was waiting for her.

Mansura: “Hmmmm!! Tsuntsun soyayyah, Allah dai yasa rakiyar tai tsawo. ”

Usaima: “Ameen with a childish tone”.

Mansura: ”You guys deserve the best couple award on campus, am envying you guys. Soyayyar ku mai tsafta ce Usaima”.

Usaima: Thanks Bestie! Oya here is your hand-out make sure you study hard for us, though I don’t know if I will be able to study because Abu Faruk will going to Kano, you know he is the one that encourage me to read my notes and hand-out but I’ll try to make myself busy by studying for the test instead of missing him.


Mansura: Okay as you wish, bye and take care am so exhausted now so I have to go get some rest.

Usaima you have been in the bathroom for over 30min ‘wankan chanza fata kikeyi yi ne? Nadin yelled.

Usaima: “Sorry sweet sis, will soon be out”!

Nadin: “With me is N1000 note, and I want to get us chilled pure water from Mallam Bala’s shop and am sure he will say he don’t have change”

“Both laughing”

Usaima: “Check my bag if I remember correctly I have N300 change, carry N50 only as that’s the only money remaining for me till I go to the ATM tomorrow”.


Nadin: “Hmm!! Munafuka all this money am seeing in your bag is for what? Which ATM are you going again?”

Usaima run out of the bathroom with towel on to confirmed what her sister is saying, looking at the money in shocked and surprised written all over her face remembering how and where the money came from. “Wallahi ban san da su ba, but where did you find the money?  How much is it?

Nadin: ‘In your bag mana, ina bude jakar sukai mani sallama, 10k “.

Usaima: “Hmmm! It’s Naseem so that’s the reason he insist leaving my bag with him while I was going to see Mansura at social centre”.

Nadin: “Naseem is trying for you Usaima but he should know he is also a student. He doesn’t have to go extra mile just to win your love. I know he is the only guy you love and he is at the right position to know better. Talk to him please.”

Usaima: “Am short of words don’t even know what to say, but will just call him”.

Naseem: “Hello, Assalamu alaikum Ummu Faruk”

Usaima: “Wa’alaikumussalaam warahmatullah Abu faruk. How was your trip? Mummy and the rest of your siblings? All good Alhamdulillah just that am missing you”.

Usaima: “Masha Allah, Abu Faruk what did u do with my bag”?

Nasem: “Why are you asking is something missing”?

Usaima: “Abu Faruk you don’t have to do this”?

Naseem: “Do what”? So me and my wife I don’t have the right to touch her bag again”?

Usaima: “You perfectly know what I mean”, “You’re the one travelling and you need the money more than me”.

Naseem: “Haba? Ok now I know”, it’s a good thing you’re teaching me now so I’ll learn to leave you empty handed after our marriage”. Am practicing how to take care of you and baby Faruk he added.

Usaima: “Thanks a million and May Allah continue to provide halal for you and give you the strength and wisdom to take care of your family Amin”

Naseem: “Don’t spend the money because it’s for Pampers and Friso Milk for Baby Faruk”. He jokingly said

Two days later…

Usaima: “Addah Nadin I will be going to Samaru market, is there anything you will need”?

Nadin: “Usaima kenan, seems like bakijin azumin yau ko”? “The sun is very hurt, what will you do in the market under this hurt sun”?

Usaima: “Naseem is coming back today and I have to prepare iftar for him.”

Nadin: “Hmmm love one tin tin”

To be continued Wednesday 20th

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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