May 31, 2023

Inside Arewa Story: Love and its Destiny Episode  1

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This chapter is dedicated to Fareeda umar kankia U mean alot to me sweet sis.


Usaima: “Addah Nadin don’t you have class today? With the way you are relaxing comfortably as if today is a free day for you”.

Nadin: “Usaima am so exhausted I can’t even move an inch”.

Usaima: “Alright I’ll be going before I get late, I have been trying Naseem’s line but still not going through but I guess I’ll just head to his apartment so we can walk down to school together for security reasons since Yaya Jamal is out of town”.


It was already dark, and there was no light in his apartment so before I could announce my presence, I overheard him speaking to someone phone, the phone was on speaker and I clearly remember the voice from the other side of the phone (his ex girl friend) which made me draw back to my position, I could hear their conversation and the way they are both laughing and enjoying their conversation with her and her sisters as well, while his roommate was sitting next to him.

Usaima: “Assalamu Alaikum…”

They all turned in shocked seeing me making my way inside; with the way they are staring at me, they all realized that I heard the conversation which makes him regret his actions immediately. Before anyone could answer my greetings, I left without saying a word.

Naseem upon seeing me turning back, he ended the call without saying goodbye and came after me.

Naseem: “Usaima please I can explain, “Wallahi ita ta kira ni”, take the phone and go through the call records.

Usaima: “Please Naseem go away am not interested please”, and headed straight to Mansura Karaye’s hostel.

“Bestie what is wrong with you”? You look disturbed Mansura asked Usaima.

Usaima: “Hmm!! It’s Naseem, could you believe “inata sallama a kofar parlor dinsu he was in the parlor but couldn’t hear me let alone answering because he was busy on phone with that his Zarah.

Mansura: “Usaima, Naseem is calling my line nasan ke yake naima”.

Usaima: “Nope! He have been calling me since and I refuse to answer because I have nothing to say to him, he knows am not going to answer him”.

Mansura: “Ki Listen to his side of the story then you make a decision”.

Naseem: “Hello Assalamu alaikum, sorry Aunty Mansura for bothering you, please am at your hostel gate. Can you meet me outside if you are less busy please ‘Nayima Usaima laifi ne’ and she is not willing to give me a listening ears”. Am here to report myself to you he added.

Mansura: “okay, am in the hostel I will be there in a short while”.

Usaima: “What did he said that you’re going out?

Mansura: “He said he is outside the gate and want to see me”.

Usaima: “Okay. You can go and see him and if you stay long I will take my leave”.

30 minutes later…

Usaima: “Mansura please let me be, I have other important things to do”. ‘Ke da baki da aikin yi seki tsaya kina sauraren shi, as for me kinga tafiyata’

Mansura: “Haba Usaima since he admitted that he is wrong and guilty why won’t you let go of your ego”? “You both know that you cannot do without each other, just take a look at what you are doing. You have been crying since but girman kai ya hana ki sakko ki saurare shi”.

Mansura: “Naseem is crazy in love with you, what do you want him to do to prove it?

‘Allah ma dai muna mai laifi ya yafe mana’, then why can’t you overlook this?

Usaima: “Alright, its okay. ‘Komai ya wuce’.

Mansura: “Okay then he is outside waiting for u, we came together, if u truly mean what u said then please go and meet him and please don’t give him more headache”.

Usaima: “Alright, I’ll put some powder on my face”.

Mansura: “Munafuka kina so kina kaiwa kasuwa”

Usaima: “Mazan ne sai da haka if not sesu gasa maka gyada a hannu”.

They all busted out laughing.

Usaima: “Assalamu alaikum”

Naseem: “Wa’alaikumussalaam ya zaujah” Oh Alhamdulillah ya Allah.
“Please baby am so sorry am down on ma kneels. Allah kin sani rashin lafia I couldn’t eat since yesterday”.

Usaima: “Likewise, but komai ya wuce. We good she added with a cool smile on her face”.

Naseem: “Usaima I can’t imagine my life without you, am dead serious, you need to see halin dana shiga from jiya zuwa yau”.

It’s another time of the year, Naseem writing his final exams, while Usaima on the other hand is so disturbed and thinking of how to cope without Naseem around her. And to Naseem it’s a mixed feeling, happy he is graduating and sad he is leaving Usaima all alone.

Naseem and Usaima seated at one of the lecture theatre they were all busy studying. It was around 8pm and both of them have paper the next morning.

Naseem’s phone started ringing and guesses who was calling him?

“His able Zahra”  lol

Usaima mutuniyar ki is calling me Naseem teased No mutuniyar ka dai said Usaima eyeing him.


To be continued Wednesday 4th

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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