June 5, 2023


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Usaima: “Can you please answer her? ‘Wallahi bana son matsala’”.

Naseem: with a serious tone “I hate anything that will come between us”.

Usaima: “Hell no, she’s calling your phone not mine Mr. Lover, so you must answer her”.

Naseem: “Am not interested in answering the call then”.

Usaima: “’Ai baka isa ba wallahi yau’, you better answer so I’ll get to listen to all the lovey lovey talk you’re telling her”

Naseem: “Assalamu alaikum, exchange pleasantries”

Zahra:”Why are you sounding weird and bossy”?

Naseem:”Sorry it’s because am busy reading with my wife”.

Zahra: “Oh really”?

Naseem: “Yes”.

Zahra: “Okay can you please pass the phone to her”? I want to speak to her too”.

Usaima: “Quickly said No”.

Naseem:” Handed the phone to her”.


Their conversation goes like this…
Usaima: Assalamu alaikum, ya kike? Ya jin dadi?

Zahra: Wa’alaikumussalaam, fine Alhamdulillah. Ya karatu ya Naseem?

Usaima: Karatu Alhamdulillah. Naseem kuma gashi nan ya hanani karatu, please gashi kuyita hira har se na gama karatu. So he will give me some breathing space. (Though she is not saying it from her heart, only daring him to see if he will try it) with jealousy all over her.

Zahra: Okay, bashi wayan bara na mai fada.

Usaima passed the phone to Naseem then all parts of her body are concentrating on their conversation, even when in reality she seems determine reading her book but only pretending as her attention is with them.

Don’t know what Zahra told him all I heard him say is ‘Nida matata sai a hanani hira da ita, toh ba matata bace ai dole in tsare abuna’.  He later said please let me have some quality time with my wife it’s getting late already then he hanged up.

Usaima: “Haba Naseem, you don’t have to say such harsh words on her”? ‘Wannan ai cin fuska ne’, you know she loves you and you are telling her ‘kaida matarka ne’”.

Naseem: “Usaima please I don’t want your wahala today, assuming I listened and dance to her tune it would have been a big problem for me now. ‘Idan kika fara fushinki maybe sai kinga gawata zaki hakura’”.

Naseem is writing his final paper today, Usaima have been crying since morning. She looks very dull throughout the day, she escorted Naseem to the exam hall because she don’t have paper that very day, she sat outside the exam hall waiting for him and at the same time wishing him success.

Naseem: “Haba Usaima are you still crying? What do you want me to do with my life”?

Usaima: “So fast Har ka gama exam din? Naga kayi saurin fitowa”.

Naseem: “Not that fast though, it took me 1hour 30 minutes to finish”.

Usaima: “Oh! Really? It looked like just 30min

Naseem: “Yeah it will definitely look so because you were busy thinking and crying at the same time without even minding the crowd in the school”. 

Usaima: “I don’t see anyone else apart from you Baban Faruq”.

Naseem: “Haba Autar mata I promise to wait for you, you know perfectly well that I always wait for you to finish your exams then we leave for Kano together”.

Usaima: “Baban Faruk that is not the problem, how do you expect me to cope next semester without you”? Remember Yaya Hassan is also graduating with you.

Naseem: “Shhhhh! Oya let’s go and snap some historical pictures at the school gate”.

Usaima: “Am not going”.
Naseem: “Come on my Queen celebrate with me today is a special day for me I finished my degree program”.

Usaima: “I still don’t want to imagine here without you”.

Naseem:” Do you want me to keep being a student”? Then how can I marry you? He teased her.

Usaima:”Okay no problem I’ll celebrates with you just wait for me for some seconds please to join you celebrates”.

Naseem:”Haba Usaima!! Why will you pour me engine oil”?

Usaima:”Am celebrating with you remember”?

Naseem:”All the coke you poured on me is not enough, you don’t have to stain my shirt with engine oil”? ‘Yanzu kin kashe min rigan nan, ban isa na qara sata ba’.

Usaima:” Haba loves, am celebrating with you too don’t be angry”.

New Session Begins without Naseem in School:


Usaima is back to school, level 3 first semester, she is being too serious with her studies, she only have fun time with Nabeela and other friends at the hostel while Naseem kept his promised of spending his weekends in Zaria with Usaima and whenever Usaima is going for weekends he comes all the way from Kano to pick her up and he will always bring her back to school after the weekends.


Naseem going for his NYSC

Naseem call up is out, and will be going to camp in Oyo state. Naseem came to Zaria to show his girlfriend the good news but instead of her to be happy she started crying for no reasons. He tried all he can but she kept crying till he told her he will still continue to be visiting her every week which he knows it’s a lie but he brought it up just to calm her down which he succeeded.

Two days later, he left for Kano to go get ready for his trip to Oyo state.

In Oyo Camp:

During the 3 weeks period of camp activities, Naseem tried all his possible best to see him relocated to the North where he will have easy access to visits his Usaima which luckily enough he got redeployed back to Kaduna.

Naseem free time in camp is always on phone with Maman Faruq and sometimes he even takes the risk of coming out of his hostel at Midnight just to call her for free midnight calls.

Naseem finally park to the camp mosque just to get enough time to speak with his Usaima.

After three weeks that looks like 3months for Usaima, Naseem finally say goodbye to Oyo state and headed straight to Zaria.

He spent two days in Zaria without him even  going home to let his parents knows\ he is out of camp.

Usaima was overjoyed within the period of two days, most especially on hearing the news that Naseem got redeployed to Kaduna.


To be continued Wednesday 11th

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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