June 10, 2023

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By Aunty Queen
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“What a breath taking aroma! tun daga waje nake jin kamshi, what are you guys preparing for us?

“Huh! Yaya Jamal you must be kidding me… Usaima in kitchen today? Laughing until his premolars became visible… Am I dreaming?

There is no doubt that Aunt Hussaina is not at home and probably you’re hungry to the point that you can’t wait for her so you forced yourself into the kitchen right?

“Haba bro! So you think only when am hungry that I will enter kitchen? You’re wrong because she’s inside and am the one that told her to rest because am going to clear all their doubts today”. Usaima said

But Usaima, this much food you’re cooking is too much, or are you so generous today that you want to feed the whole of Samaru? Nadin interrupted”she not doing it for us alone, she’s in kitchen today because she want Naseem to taste her food, common ask yourself have you ever seen Usaima being this serious in kitchen?

Naseem gave her 10k last week shine yau ake rama mai by preparing him Iftar,  he is on his way back from Kano.

“What and what are you gonna serve him with”? Jamal asked

I used the ‘Garin Kunu’ that Hajia sent and made ‘Kunun Tsamiya’, ‘Fried chips and egg’, ‘Meat Pie’, ‘Chicken Pepersoup’, ‘Jallof Macaroni and Plantain’ for Sahur, I also used the ‘Tsamiya and made tamarind juice then finally ‘fruit salad, that’s all. Am so exhausted right now, I’ve been in this kitchen since 2pm and now it’s almost time for Iftar.

Hmmm, all this for one person? Don’t tell me my in-law is a glutton that he can finish all this? Yaya Jamal teased and walked away.

Hello ‘Autan Mata’: Paused let me brief you about this name “Autan Mata” Naseem sometimes calls me ‘Autan Mata’ that to him there is no other woman again that he will admire in the name of love so am the last and I also called him ‘Autan Maza’ because I see no one but him alone.

Naseem: “Where were you? Have been calling you and you but no answer, “kinsa hankali na ya tsahi” sorry Abu Faruk was busy in kitchen and left the phone on my bed since after Asr prayer”.

Usaima: “How far where are you now”?

Naseem: “At makarfi, will soon be in Zaria insha Allah, but will go to Tulips for Iftaar before coming to Samaru”.

Usaima: “Which Tulips? Your Tulips tonight is at Zeenat apartment, as am almost done with your Iftar food, just come straight here and pick up your food immediately you arrive”.

Am overjoyed with the good news, ‘yau zanci girkin Usaiman Hajiya Autan shagwaba’. Naseem said in his head

Naseem: “Hope am not coming all the way to collect Indomie noodles he asked in a teasing tune.

Usaima: “Hmmm, you will forget your ears when you taste my food today”. Both laughing as they dropped the call.

40 minutes later…

Naseem: “Hello Autan mata am outside”

Usaima: “Come in and help me take some out please”

Naseem: “Ya Rahman! Usaima har nida wa zanci wannan abuncin? It’s too much my love, you just stressed out yourself for me”.

Usaima: “Are you the only one in your apartment? Or is that you don’t want us to get the reward of feeding someone that broke his fasting”?

Naseem: “Thank you, will quickly call them so they will not go out for iftar, yau zasu sha ruwa da girkin princess”

Usaima: “Huh! Abu Faruq the names are too much, ‘Princess’, ‘Queen’, ‘Autar mata’, ‘Cutie’, ‘Ummu Faruk’ and Usaima” how many person am I?

Naseem: “You are my world Usaima, you are all in all, I will even add more names because you deserve all”.

Usaima: “Thanks love for the  compliment”

Naseem:”Alright, I’ll be going it’s almost time for Magrib, Happy iftaar in advance”.
Nadine: “Usaima am going to report you to Hajiya, so you can cook this much and you always allow us to suffer in kitchen. Seriously the food tastes great, what a good cook”.

Usaima: ‘Hmmm, sweet sis please stop pulling my legs’.

Nadine: ‘Am not pulling your legs am dead serious fa, Jamal tell her seems she don’t believe me’.

Jamal: “Ni ai santin shiru nike” I don’t even want to talk feeling as if the food will run away. Usaima you have tried the food is really nice”. “Will snap it and send it to big sis since kina mata rowa seda bata nan kikai abun arziki”

Usaima: “Haba yaya Jamal, she is there enjoying her husband. Tana mai wanda yafi wannan ma”.

Usaima:”Hmmm! Sweet sis guess what Naseem and his friends are just calling and sending me text messages. They really enjoyed the food”. Naseem even send me recharge card and said ‘am proud of you Ummu Faruq’, he also said am the topic of discussion in their apartment today”.

They all appreciate the food beyond my expectation Alhamdulillah.

To be continued Saturday 23th

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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