June 6, 2023

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Usaima when are you leaving for sallah break? Not sure may be Saturday morning because I have test this evening 4 to 6pm.

Am leaving for Kano today, so will talk tomorrow before you leave.

“Assalamu alaikum” Yaya Jamal’s salaam interrupted us

Wa’alaikumussalaam we answered in unison, ‘Shegen Aboki’ baka nema na yaya Jamal said to Naseem.
Jamal: “Shegen Aboki, you have forgotten about me. “Oh Naseem bakada kunya” it’s only Usaima that brings you to this house”.

Usaima: “Yaya Jamal how far nah? asking her brother Jamal in their coded language.


Jamal: “ Usaima wallahi the ATM seized your card at my second attempt, seems I forgot the pin you gave me. But insha Allah will go to the Bank on Monday to retrieve it if possible since its late already and tomorrow is work free day as its Saturday. I have to leave now because first thing tomorrow morning is to take Alhaji to Kibiyi. I promise to make it up to you.”


Usaima: “So what do you want me to do in a pouting reaction”?

Jamal: “Naseem am off to Kano, Alhaji is waiting for me. Come along with my sister tomorrow. Hope the problem has been solved? Asking his sister?

Usaima: “Just nodded her head in silent”.

They both walked Yaya Jamal to the gate and bid farewell.

Naseem: “Usaima I’ll be going too, time is not in our side. Your test will commence soon wish you all the best Maman Faruq I trust you on this”. Here take my ATM, the pin is your date of birth and there is enough for you to withdraw, feel free it’s yours too we will talk when I get home, missing you already my ‘Autar Mata’”.

Naseem said staring at her eyes deeply with a bit of smile and seriousness because he doesn’t want her to reject his card offer.

Hello Mansura Karaye where are you? Please can you come to our apartment am left alone, everyone has left for Kano.

Hmmm, bestie guess what? Naseem gave me his ATM card, the pin and he said I should use it, ‘kuma wallahi am kobo less’.

Mansura: “Bestie Naseem’s love for you is so real and pure, please treat him right”.

Usaima: “Thanks bestie, you know I love him and he is the only guy I gave my time right”?

Mansura: “Yes I know, just advising you”. ‘Kinsanmu mata shegun kanmu ne’ the both laugh.

Usaima: “We have to walk to the school ATM ‘Dan ko kudin Keke Napep banida’”.

Mansura: “You know am good at trekking, you’re the one that always want us to enter Keke Napep”.

Usaima: “Bestie come and see 80k as his account balance”.

Mansura: “So how much are you withdrawing”?

Usaima: “So Mansura you thought we’re here to withdraw from the account”? “Am not withdrawing any penny, it’s Naseem that I love not his money”.

Mansura: “Then how do you want us to get back to Zeenat apartment?”Wondering how she is going to miss a huge opportunity like this”

Usaima: “We are trekking back just as we came, remembered you said you love walking right”? After all it’s exercise.

Mansura: “Hmm”

Usaima: “We will branch at ZeeZee’s house and get something for Iftar “dan Wallahi banda ko pure water, banida komai a dakin, se Indomie.”

Mansura: “So Usaima you can be this heartless huh! See how you suffered us, “ga azumi munayi” all in the name of checking acct balance”.

“If I had known wallahi I wouldn’t have followed you, “kawai na sha wahalar banza ba ko sisi” Mtschwww wicked girl. Mansura yelled at me. But why can’t you use the ATM since he was the one that gave you”?

Usaima: “No Mansura please ‘Shi nake so not his money’, let’s go please.

Naseem: Hello Assalamu alaikum Ummu Faruk

Usaima:  Wa’alaikumussalaam Abu Faruk

Naseem:  Oh! What a sexy voice, are you still asleep?

Usaima: Yes boo.

Naseem: ok pls give me a call when you are up,

Usaima: ait thanks love. Bye


Hello boo is up, really sleeping queen? Ok please come outside your gate I sent something for you.

Usaima: “Innalillahi wa inna ilaihirraji’un with her eyes widely open full of surprise, Naseem daman baka tafi ba?

Naseem: “Nope, the time I called you earlier, that was when I arrived. I don’t like the idea of you using public transport alone, so I decide to drive to Zaria back and take you home with me”.

Usaima: I just stood there speechless! Don’t even know what to do, is it to kiss him or hug him and never let go I just don’t know.

Usaima: “Here is Yaya Jamal’s key wait for me in their room before I take my shower and get ready”.

But Please dear we are going with Mansura Karaye lets branch at girls hostel so she can get her things, Usaima stated.

Naseem: “Anything for my Queen”.

*  * * * * * *
Usaima: “Here is your ATM card, thanks a bunch Baban Faruq”.

Naseem: “Wait, banga alert ba ma, then why are you returning it”?

Usaima: “Yeah, I haven’t used it because it’s you that I love not your money. And sincerely speaking for now there is nothing I can do with the money even if I withdraw it, I have some change with me and it’s enough”. (She lied)

Thanks for everything!!

Naseem said, ssshhhhhh! Haba, godiyar bata karewa ne? It’s too much nah.


To be continued Wednesday 27th

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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