May 31, 2023

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Alhamdulillah the break is over, and Usaima is set for school, as usual her man Naseem dropped her at Addah Nadine’s house to bid her adieu, while he rush to the filling station to full his tank and take her back to school.
Usaima waited for almost forever but Baban Faruq never showed up, she then decided to call him but his line rang once and the call got rejected and immediately the phone was switched off.
She started to get worried and the waiting keep getting longer while his phone is still off. Maman Faruq decided to call Yaya Jamaal to get her to Motor Park.
3 hours later…

Usaima arrived Zaria around 5 in the evening and Naseem’s phone was still off, only Allah knows the kind of thoughts running in her head from negative to positive, then Maman Faruq decided to just be positive and pray over it. Everything just seems new to her.

At exactly 9:23pm, she heard her phone ringing Naseem’s ringtone but she didn’t even bothered to answer or carry the phone because she thought its her head playing his ringtone to calm her down because of the way she’s missing and expecting his call. It rang and end then the phone started ringing again that’s when she realize its actually her phone and then got up to answer it:

Usaima: “Hello Baban Faruq where have you been”?

Voice from the other end: “Assalamu Alaiku WArahamatullah”

Maman Faruq heart started beating really fast upon hearing the voice because that’s not a good news she’s going to hear from who so ever call her.

Maman Faruq: “Wa’alaikumussalaam Warahmatullah” she realized it’s Naseem’s Mum, without saying anything Maman Faruq just hanged off the call immediately without saying anything.
Then another call come in but this time with the mum number, Usaima body started shivering then sshe answer the call and Naseem told her to listen to him for what he is about to tell her:
‘At the filling station after I full my car tank, when I was about leaving the gate unknown person knocked at my glass, I slow down a little to check who is knocking but before I park properly 3 guys jumped into my car, one at the front seat while two at the back and pointed gun at me and said just drive “Dan Ubanka”. And at that time my phone started ringing and removed it from my pocket and I saw your name but before I could answer it one of the guys grab it and off the phone’

Maman Faruq: “Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun”

Baban Faruq: “They made me drive them down to a bush near Jere town along Kaduna-Abuja express way, they collected my wallet, shoe and everything on me the threw me out of the car throw my phone at me and said call the person that call you earlier and drove off with my car leaving me stranded with boxer and singlet on the roadside”.
Usaima: “Sobbing Allah sarki Baban Faruq hope you’re not hurt”?

Naseem: “Alhamdulillah am able to return home today as they left me stranded with nothing literally, but alhamdullillah am not hurt just traumatize”.

Usaima: “I pray for him for protection and we said our goodbye”

Usaima sarauniyar kuka, she cried endlessly after he ended the call and imagine what would have happened if something bad had happen to him. She called Addah Nadine, Hajiya and Yaya Jamal and tell them all that happen with Naseem. Almost everyone in Usaimas house call Naseem to console with him.

Two weeks later..

Usaima is 100% committed to Naseem, she is devoted to her man Naseem, no time for new guys as she also say no to even a male friend talk less of another boyfriend. Sometimes she will claim that she is married just to chase guys away then she started using big veils and Hijabs.
Addah Fati always says to Usaima ‘anya yaron nan bai miki qarami ba kuwa’? Do you think he will be ready by the time you’re? Why not give someone more matured a chance since you have many responsible suitors?

“I trust my man and he is the only one am counting on because he is not going to failed me and if you want me to continue respecting stop telling me and asking me all these questions and we will be cool” After all he is the one waiting for me now Usaima responded.

However, when ever Usaima is going out she will call Baban Faruq to ask for his permission to go and when he says No it’s no because she won’t go. Naseem will hurt Usaima and when her friends or siblings ask her she will say she is the one that hurt him so ‘Yana Fushi da ita’ everyday putting the blame on her.
She just don’t want anyone close to her to hate him, she want him to be loved by all as she always says good things about him and never discuss his fault with anyone.
She always calls him her Mr. Perfect while he calls her his missing rib.

One Month later..

Naseem was in a bank hall following the line to deposit some cash then a sweet voice he could swear it’s the voice of the type of women in Janna as the voice is so sweet to his ears “Please is there anyone behind you” the voice ask him, he turn then saw a beautiful face smiling at him and the same time she is smelling good.

Naseem: “No you can stay in my front don’t worry ladies first”
she said no you don’t have to do that but Baban Faruq insisted to be in his front then she said okay and accepted his offer.

After that Naseem couldn’t say another word to her till she said “Thank you and bye”. While Naseem is filing his details on the counter book he saw her number in the space provided and he copied it to his phone without the cashier knowledge

After he returned home he called her to introduce himself to her and explain how he got her number and she did same. They talk for a while and saved her number as Faiz instead of Faiza because he is afraid of Usaima finding out. They keep in touch everyday and it goes on and then Usaima started to suspect foul play but she hold on to her suspicious because of the trust she has for him.
Naseem and Usaima are gisting then his phone start ringing and he put it on silent, Fa’iz call again then she said Baban faruq who is calling you that you don’t want to answer today? He show her and she said who is Faiz kuma that you don’t want to answer him today? He said Faiz is his distance cousin that need a help from him he said the guy is bugging him but he will call him later.

Three Days later…

Naseem left his phone with Usaima playing game and went to Masjid, so she went through
his missed, received and dialed calls are all Fa’iz and her own when she checked the call duration they are all not less than 40min that is when Usaima said this Faiz is really a close cousin not a distance cousin now..
She become suspicious and called the number with his phone only for a lady to answer the call.
Usaima was so calm and hang the call without saying a word.
She just copied the number to her phone and deleted the last call she made with his phone.

To be continued…

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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