January 27, 2023

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Within a very short period of time Naseem became very wild, daga maganar aure? He’s so much in to girls now and his friend Shamsu is behind it. (Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are) friends have a great influence in your life, so its better we know the kind of friends we keep.”

He claims that he’s trying to convince his Dad to send some family members for introduction but his dad is still insisting until after service and gotten a job not while he’s serving the nation.
He hardly have time for me now, he only visits me in school once in a month, and he can go two days without calling, unless if she is the one that calls.

“Usaima, why are you still holding on? It’s high time you let go of Naseem because he has proven to you that he’s over you, I have never witness this kind of love, abu kamar masifa? Kin liqe mai kaman wata kaska yanata miki iskanci. Is he the only guy on earth? Besides there are better guys out there dying for you and you are here wasting your time on this he goat”? Qaraye
Haba Qaraye, how on earth do you think I can survive without Naseem?
I live for his love all my life and my dreams are for him. His love is like a poison and only him can cure it, he is the man of my dreams, his love always give me hope in life. His love keeps me going.

Naseem is very thing I ever need in this world and am sure he loves me too and he will come back to me, I assure you that I will fight this to the end. I will have my charming price back to me. And one thing I know is I will forever respect Naseem because he has never hold my hand not to talk of something bad like hug and that’s the main reason why am still holding on because I know he loves me purely, so na tsakani da Allah. With a very good intentions

My dear you have pushed enough please come back to your senses, Naseem yayi nisa bayajin kira. Besides he’s too wild now, Allah he is not your mate now and you deserve a decent guy just like you. He has totally changed. Qaraye said to her
Naseem went as far as opening a new Facebook account with a female name, he sent me friends request and always intimidating me that she’s Naseem cousin and they will be getting married soon. When ever I update my status he use that new account to comment with offensive words, and he intentionally update his status on Facebook with loving words and he will use the new account to respond to his own main account with loving words. Just to make me feel bad.

It reached to the extent that I got tired of expecting Naseems call and had to even change my line but couldn’t use the new line for more than a month just because am hoping one day he might call me so I switched back to my main line that he knows. I turned down so many proposal’s just because am hoping am going to make up with Naseem. Ashe ma all these while Naseem Dad has never heard about me and about us, even as he was claiming that he’s trying to convince his Dad ashe karya yake he have never confronted his Dad with the issue not even for once. Quite sure his mum knows about me and about us but he never tells her that my parents wants to meet his.
We all got to know this when Addah Faty’s husband decided to interfere in the issue.
Naseem’s uncle is Abu Haneefa’s close friend so Abu Haneefa asked Naseem uncle that how far with Naseem they have been waiting to hear from them kuma sunji shiru, so the uncle was surprised and said he don’t know about it and decided to call Naseem’s Dad and put him on speaker and Naseem’s Dad was like he is hearing this for the first time which obviously show’s that Naseem has been lying to Usaima and he’s just not serious about it, the father added with “wane mahaukaci nema ze bama Naseem mata” yaronda beda aikin yi but never the less I will talk with him and will get back to you”.
The father called Naseem and started interrogating him but to everyone greatest surprise Naseem denied everything about us to his Dad.
After hearing that my family decided to stop her from seeing Naseem, Yaya Jamal har zane ni yayi akan na dena kula Naseem but in vein, though Jamal and Naseem’s friendship is still as good as it was because of Naseem, I fought with almost everyone both my family members and friends. For this purpose I fell sick and was hospitalized for a week, I became so down, very quiet, I hardly talk, always isolated and very edgy. I hardly eat which makes me lose a lot of weight; I lose so much weight and was looking so worried that everyone could notice the change in me.

That is how I managed to graduate with 2.2 in school, I was a 4.pointer before. I hated life and everything that has to do with men. That’s how I stop putting all effort and I  made sure I deleted Naseem his and his memory from my head.
She just have to let go not because she want to but because she have to.
Thats how the person she know becomes the person she knew sadly …….

We live once, die once and love only once and that’s my love for Usaima. I will not leave to love any girl dearly as deep as I love Usaima. But if truly my love for Usaima is what I believe then I have to help her get me out of her mind, I have to make her hate me, I have to draw back just to give her chance to love the right person since thing’s are not working out as planned.
Dad will never get me married at this early stage, time is not by her side anymore she will soon be graduating and her family are insist on getting her married besides I know she has many suitors that are far better than me.
I know Usaima is very decent, and my new attitude towards her will be opposite of her own even though nasan son gaskia nake mata kuma son da nake mata baze taba barina nayi tampering da ita ba, I will not even go near her with such. Impossible
But still I will keep my distance and allow myself to be dying silently even though when I  know she too will be dying in silence
I just have to keep my distance and move on. I changed my life and all because of Usaima, the fear of losing her made me wild even though I choose the wrong part and a wrong friend during the trials.
Abbah yace inna qara kula Naseem be yafe min ba. So that’s how I dealt with the heart break and finally moved on.
Naseem was all I want in life, he’s the love of my life and dreams but destiny have a different plan for us. Indeed this is love and its destiny, who will ever think Naseem and Usaimas love will end just like that.

Indeed the word perfect really do exist but it takes a century to find out,  this black Arabian guy is the full meaning of the word perfection…….
For every disappointment is a blessing!!!
Usaima finally moved on with her life with so much prayers and devotion to Allah. After countless sleepless nights and istikhara nights for a long while
Alhamdulillah!!! She was able to meet her real partner, her Mr right. the perfect guy she has not even ever dream of having, someone she never thought people like him do exist on earth not even in her dreams
A loyal faithful loving caring down to earth handsome black Arabian guy……
And Black Arabian has finally got his missing rib, Usaima is everything he ever dream of a woman and Alhamdulillah he got what he has been praying for.
Usaima Happily married to black Arabian guy.
Even though Naseem is one person she will never forget in her life, she sincerely and silently pray for him and wish him well in life. But he will forever be remembered….

Jamila Atiku.

************The End*******

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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