June 10, 2023

Love And It’s Destiny Chapter Eight
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Two weeks after his break, Naseem finally settled in Kaduna for his 1 year service where his PPA is at Government Day Secondary School Unguwan Sarki in Kaduna Central.
Naseem visits Usaima more often as they’re now closer while Usaima is always spending her weekends at Addah Nusaiba’s house in Kaduna, including some of the school breaks
Hajiya and everyone in the house are wondering why Usaima is always with Addah Nusaiba in Kaduna. “Gaba daya ta juya ma Kano baya”.
She only goes to Kano when Naseem is going or when its semester breaks.

It’s education week and also Usaima’s lecture free week, if you recall, whenever it’s a break Naseem picked her from school and dropped her at Addah Nusaiba’s house because he don’t want her using public transport. They arrive Kaduna because she is spending the break with Addah Nusaiba.
Naseem enjoy the break more because he spends most of his day in Addah Nusaiba’s house where he eats lunch and dinner as Addah Nusaiba’s husband is out of town. Addah Nusaiba makes it a tradtion for him whenever Maman Faruq visits her Naseem’s lunch and dinner is on standby. (Corper ya sama free food a sama ai dole a zo hira) wink

Did I told you that in Kano Naseem has a permanent food warmer in my house where his dinner is served? His mum always teases him with “if you see Naseem refuse eating dinner toh Usaima is in town”, sometimes he will eat while I gist him and other times he will take it away.
He used to brag to his brothers that his wife is a good cook not knowing that it’s Hajiyas hand work.

Hajiya da taya bera bari, kunsan lokacin eid-ul-kabeer datayi kason nama na yaran gida harda kason Naseem a ciki? I will reserve this story for another day…

Nadin’s wedding is around the corner and Maman Faruq was 100% occupied. She was too busy with her lectures and Nadin’s wedding preparations. Usaima goes to Kano every Friday and comes back to school Monday morning because of the preparations. Mum even told her that “Usaima these up and down made you lose weight as if you’re the bride”


Two weeks to wedding and one week to semester exam…
Finally Addah Nadins programme of events have started, Alhamdulillah even though Usaima is writing her exams in some days to come, Easter break with the timetable intervals favored her.
She was able to arrive in Kano on Wednesday and that’s when the events are starting.
There was a serious fuel scarcity during that period to the extent that Naseem had to passed a night in the filling station just to make sure Usaima enjoyed every bit of the wedding as she planned. Almost all the up and down that Usaima did during the wedding Naseem was by her side as he acted as her driver and errands running partner.
Alhamdulillah all went well and Naseem mother sent down some gifts to the bride and some cosmetics to Usaima. Usaima was overjoyed at least Naseem’s family are fully in support.
Usaima gave Baban Faruq souvenirs in excess to take it to his family while he see her off at the park that very Sunday evening as she took off to Zaria because she has exams the following morning.
Baban Faruq was not happy that he can’t drive her to Zaria because of his Flu and fuel scarcity but Maman Faruq begged him to allow her to use the public transport.

Family and friends that attended the wedding knows about Maman Faruk and Baban Faruk as if they were the couples getting married as they turned out to be the topic of discussion to most of the people that attended Nadins wedding.
Some of the groom’s friends had a crush with Usaima but she was a no go area as Naseem was all over her during all the events.

Exam is over and Usaima returned to Kano to spend her semester break with the family, during the break Maman Faruq visited Amarya to spend a week with Adda Nadin. Anje shan man shanun amarya
Two days later Addah Nadin husband was posted to Lagos as an army officer we all know it’s expected. So Addah Nadin has to relocate to Lagos, Naseem help them in parking most of Addah Nadin’s luggage to her in-laws house with his car as the husband has already board a flight to Lagos to report for his new assignment.
Nadine was so happy with Baban Faruq with the way he dedicate his time and resources in helping them parking, she is happy for her sis as she found her true love that she don’t know when she told Baban Faruq “If Usaima refuse to marry you because of the late comer that might come or something else Kayi mata asiri kawai”.

To be continued Wednesday 25th

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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