January 27, 2023

My name is Yasmin but my friends call me “Baby” and my boyfriend name is Abdullahi. Am 18yrs old and I fell in love with Abdullah when I was in SS3.

As a teenager, am the type that never believe in love, I always try to abstain myself from men who are interested in me but the whole situation has changed the day I started crushing on the guy whom I have zero chance of getting, I love him to the extend that I don’t want people to say bad things about him because it annoys me. I hide it to everyone even my closest friend don’t know about him.

My love story began when I met Abdullahi in a party organized after our school graduation, as the best student I was entrusted to deliver a speech on th nature of my school, I am sure that Abdullahi saw me as I present the speech, from that moment he keeps on following me wherever I go, he didn’t stop till he was able to confess his feelings. “Faduwa ta zo dai dai da zama” Hausa proverb

I wasn’t happy at the time because of my crush and all of a sudden something triggers me to accept him, with no doubt in my mind I accepted him though as a friend but I was forced to say “I LOVE U” not because I do but because I want to go home.

To some ladies out there I appeared to be the most lovable woman, 😍oh yeahh I was because Abduallahi showered me with love, although he study abroad but I feel happy being with him 💃🏾when he graduated from High school, I seem to be the most happiest person because I want to be with him forever 😊 but guess what, he introduced me to his mom and the rest of his family. I was excited

As we all know in love there is fight but ours often hook my brain and the simple reason is that Abdullah don’t know how to control his anger, he let pride override him, whenever I made a mistake, I will have to lower myself and ask for forgiveness but as for Abdullah he wouldn’t even realize that he has done something to me. I will be angry sometimes but I have to cool down in other to sort things out. But in cases where I fail someone has to interfere, I feel shy sometimes and wonder why we can’t be our own mediators….What a shameful thing!
The turning point in my life started when Abdullahi start exhibiting some attitudes which is clearly ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards me Despite all these I stick to him, I was steadfast because I love him so much❤.

I can never forget the day that Abdullah felt sick, am confused, I didn’t eat throughout the day, all I do is to call him, all thanks to Allah Abdullah is able to recover in a couple of days. I am happy but still my mind isn’t at rest I call every day.

One Wednesday, I called him more than 20 times but he didn’t answer, sometimes he is online busy which assured me that he choose to ignored my miss calls, unbelievable for 5days he didn’t call me or message me, am damn angry and tired of all these and I decided to quit but my friend says no, she advise that I should sent him a voice note. I did but surprisingly he didn’t listen to it although he opens it. I decided to write but after writing a note more than 1000 words he has seen it but could not apprehend and reply me.

The struggle didn’t stop, I called again luckily he picked up and I begged him but he didn’t reply me, more angry I was, I took the next bold step, I deleted all his pictures plus his number.

Foolish I am I wasn’t able to delete our chat because I still love him. Its more than 5 months now I didn’t hear from him, to my surprise he hide this issue from his mom. But the question here is why? The last statement I had with him on phone was “I WILL CALL YOU BACK”!





Next year? or Forever……

Ladies and gentle men as I write this I cannot forget him, my heart lingers for him and I keep on rejecting people because of him, His silence kills me everyday…… But To Allah I pray🙏

Thank you Inside Arewa, Skillz for allowing me to say my heart out🙏


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