March 22, 2023

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After we parted our way, he will call me at least 3 times a day and his text messages woke me up and are the last thing I read before I go to sleep. That became a habit that if I didn’t read his SMS I won’t sleep until I wait for it, at long last he professed how much he has falling for me, expressed his deep feelings.

kuma yakan zo ya ganni a cikin sch.

As a lady I knew he has falling for me even before he said it out but I have to hold myself up not to look cheap. He visits me regularly and that made us so much attached to each other as we are always together both in school and home. My friends teasingly call him “the chewing gum guy” but I don’t care because all I know is he love me and I love him, so nothing else matter.

We both live off campus, I stay at Zeenat Apartment while he stays opposite North gate so he is closer to school than we are, even though the distance is not that much,

it got to a point that we have each other’s  time table for easy understanding of our free time as that made it easy to know when he is free and when am free.

Naseem made it a habit of waking me up for Subhi Sallah, he make sure I pray the two ‘Raka’atanul Figr’ before Subhi, with Naseem I get to pray on time. That doesn’t stopped there as he also wake me up in the morning to get ready for lectures; that’s my Naseem dream for every girl.

Naseem will come outside his house and wait for me to come in order for us to walked together to school, if we both have class we will part our way both if I happened to be the one having class, Naseem will wait for me outside the lecture venue to the end no matter the time it will take he will wait.

After the lecture we will go to the nearest eatery to eat or seat gisting waiting for the next lecture. After each day lecture he will see me off to our apartment, promising he will come see me later in the day mostly after Isha’i prayer (Night prayer).

He helped me with most of my assignments as we do them together then he encouraged me so much on my studies, he makes sure I study hard even with the way he we are always together, you know there is time of everything it’s not always love in school.

We go to school’s Masjid together, ya shiga na su na shiga na mata muyi sallah inya idar ya kirani na fito.

Naseem Usman is also a Kano indigene and based in kano just like us. He is the first child to his parents; he is from royal family. His mum Hajiya Khadija is a full time house wife, loyal and patient woman from what I saw in her, I can conclude she is a true definition of a virtuous woman. A mother of 5, four boys and her only girl Na’eema, she’s the 3rd out of the 5. They’re as follows accordingly: Naseem is the first; Auwal is the second, then Na’eema, Ibrahim and Ahmad Auta.

To be continued Wednesday 13th September

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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