May 31, 2023


Chapter 10

Written by Aunty Queen

Wattpad: JamilaAtiku


Usaima handed his phone to him without saying anything then fight the anger in her head to act normal in order for him not to suspects anything. She then saw him off and both said their goodbyes.

At exactly 9:23pm, Usaima called Naseem twice but no answer then she decide to hide her number and call Faiz and she also hear call waiting, after some minutes he calls her back and they both act normal. During their normal mid-night calls Usaima was waiting for Baban Faruq to call but he didn’t call 30min from the usual time he calls then she decided to call him thinking he over slept and the call goes straight to ‘Call waiting’ she also called Faiz number and it also goes to call waiting.


Once in a while she will just hide her ID and call the number and it’s always a lady that answered, she will just hang-off without saying anything, this continued for like 2 weeks while gathered her evidence, even though she did not notice any changes from Naseem, the attention and care he is giving her is still the same but Usaima is seriously panicking.
Naseem came to Zaria to pick Maman Faruq from School that was when she used the opportunity to call the girl with his phone and address her.

Faiz: “Hello my dear”

Usaima: “Hi, who is your dear”

Faiz: “I don’t understand, is this not Naseer’s phone”

Usaima: “Yes it’s and this is his wife speaking”

Faiz: “His wife”?

Usaima: “Yes his wife”!

Faiz: “Please hand him his phone I don’t like this joke”

Usaima: “About that, I call to tell you to stop calling my husband because he said you’re bugging his life”

Faiz: “Now I know you’re lying and jealous”

Usaima: “Why would I be jealous of you”?

Faiz: “Yes you’re jealous of him loving me more”

Usaima: “Ahayyee Haha”

Faiz: “Please give him his phone I know you took the phone unknown to him”

Usaima: “Baban Faruq so you didn’t tell her that we are married and also having your baby in my stomach”?

Faiz: “Innalillahi! So he is close to you now “?

Usaima: “Talk to him yourself”

Naseem: “Heeellllllllll…Hello”

Faiz: “Munafuki open your mouth and talk”

Naseem: “Faizah, how are you doing”?

Faiz: “is that what you told her that am the one calling you and disturbing you”

Naseem: “I didn’t tell her that I swear” Naseem whispered

Faiz: “But she just say it in your present”

Usaima collect the phone from Naseem’s hand and warned Faiz not to ever call her husband’s again and ended the call.


Naseem was silent throughout the journey while Usaima was playing Candy crush game on her tablet. 40minutes after Naseem phone started ringing she check and saw Faiz calling:

Usaima: “Mayya! Am still around banje ko ina ba”

Faiz: “Baiwar Allah what’s going”? “My daughter has been crying after her call with this number”

Usaima: “Mijina ta ke kira shi ne nace kart a sake kira”

Faiz: “Oh is that so”?

Usaima: “Yes”

Faiz: “Insha Allah I’ll make sure she didn’t call again am her mother”

Usaima: “Okay Mama thank you” she then ended the call without waiting for her next reply.

After some few minutes, Faiza send a text message:

‘Dear wife, I am not the one that started calling your husband, he took my number in a bank register after I deposited money some weeks back and I promised not to answer his call ever again’. Am sorry for all the trouble I cause.

After Usaima finished reading the message she drops the phone and started regretting her action in silent until after they reached their destination that’s when she started shouting at Naseem to the extent that people started asking what the problem is but she kept saying ‘nothing’ while Naseem just stared at her smiling.

Naseem explain himself to her and tells her that it’s the nature of every men to cheat once in a while but his senses are back that’s why he allowed her to address Faizah without interfering and assure her that he is sorry and it will never happened again.

He further added that can’t you see that she don’t even know my name? She addresses me as Naseer because I told her that my name is Naseer as am not serious with her. That alone will tell you how unserious I’m about her.

Tha was the end of Naseem and fa’iza’.

It’s December time and everyone is on holiday, Addah Faty came visiting and she is going to spend like two weeks as her husband is still out of town. Addah Faty asked dad to allowed Usaima to go back with her to spend the rest of the holiday there.

That very day they were to leave for Jigawa while Abbah also left for Kibiya with Yaya Jamal. After they saw Abbah out, Usaima and Addah Fati are also getting ready for Jigawa while able Naseem is outside waiting for them to come out and start their journey to Jigawa.

It was exactly 8pm when Abbah called Abu Hanifa (Addah fati’s husband) to enquire if they are safely at home. Only for Abu Hanifa to say they arrived earlier than expected. They were here around Zuhur the Naseem that brought them most have reached Kano by now. Abbah was shocked and angry upon hearing the news that it was Naseem that took them.  He just said ‘toh Alhamdulillah’ to Abu Haneefa regards to the family and ended the call.

Abbah leave his room and went straight to Hajiya’s room with so much anger:

Abbah: “Hajia where is the training am giving my daughters that you will allow Usaima to travel with saurayi? Is that the standard and upbringing of my house now? Irin tarbiyyan da kike basu kenan ban sani ba? You think I don’t know all you guys have been doing?

Abbah added “Tun bikin Nadin naketa jin Kananan magan ganu about this Naseem and Usaima, but I just decided to ignore and give them the benefits of a doubt. But tunda iskancin yakai haka, u better warn your daughter, daman ke kika shagwabata wai auta ko, autar uban wa? You all should come back to your senses and also tell her that I gave him just one month from today to present his parents before me if not he should find his way”.

Abbah also called Usaima and sound a warning to her too, telling her that Nabashi wata daya ya turo iyayen shi if not bake bashi har abada bazaki jamin zagi a gari ba ko ki maidani Dattijon banza.


To be continued Wednesday 8th November

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the narrator and other individuals in the story.

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