May 31, 2023

The Kogi state government has adrdessed the negative publicity it attracted after a one-day holiday was declared in the state to celebrate the return of President Buhari to Nigeria from his over 100 day medical vacation in London.
Addressing the backlash, the Kogi Government said the holiday afforded the people of the state the opportunity to pray and fast for the progress of Nigeria and for Buhari to keep waxing stronger for the task ahead and it was unfortunate that those condemning it choose to stress tmeselves over what doesn’t concern them.

“They should join us to celebrate the Lion of Africa and stop politicizing an act of patriotism on the part of the Governor. God forbids, if Mr. President had died, many states would have declared many days of mourning. But Kogi only declared one day to thank God for saving our President’s life. Are some people angry that Mr Presidentis back, hale and hearty to continue to fight corruption?”

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