September 30, 2022

A gubernatorial aspirant in Katsina State, Engr Muttaqha Rabe Darma has condemned the call for aspirants interested in running for governorship position under the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in 2023 to purchase the expression of interest form for the whopping sum of N21 million.


According to Muttaqha, the announcement is invariably telling aspirants to steal if they eventually occupy the office.





The former Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), made the remark while fielding questions from journalists over the weekend after unveiling his book titled “Pathways to Greatness: The Katsina State of the Future”


The PDP card-carrying member expresses shock that party members have refused to come out and protest against the decision.





In his words:


“How can you ask aspirants to pay N21 million just to contest for governorship. N21 million is 10 months salary of a Governor. Even if it is one month’s salary, that money is still too much and I cannot afford to pay such an amount to contest to be Governor in my state.


“What are they trying to tell the contestants? They are teaching them to steal when they come into the office. This is corruption playing out but people are just folding their hands and not saying anything. If we fail to protest now next time it might rise up to N100 million.





Muttaqha while describing the decision by the party as a slap on the faces of Nigerians said “what this means is that whoever is qualified and interested in contesting for governorship under the PDP must have a Godfather that will be able to give him that money and if you eventually win and become Governor you will become a slave to the Godfather who will do whatever he likes with you. However, if you manage to pay the money and you lose in the election, you will become impoverished.


This is not supposed to be.”


Muttaqha decried how the cost for the expression of interest form which was sold for N6 million in 2019 has now risen by over 200%, not minding the difficult times experienced in the country.





He said: “the governorship form was sold for N6 million in 2019 and now they are adding N14 million instead of reducing it knowing that the problems the country is facing now are worse than what the country experienced in 2019.





According to Muttaqha, only government workers or politicians who are thieves or involved in shady deals will be able to afford N21 million to purchase the governorship form.





In his words:


“92 to 95% of those who have bought the form are all politically exposed people. I have the list. They are people who have occupied one political office or the other previously. I don’t think these people made their money legitimately.





“I worked in several government parastatals before and I also held political offices. So I can confidently tell you that any government worker that has become rich I swear to you is a thief. It either he stole or short-changed the people or combined both. You don’t become rich working for the government. If you want to be rich go and do business. People need to know this.”





Despite all the public outcry, Muttaqha is yet to disclose if he will be dumping the party though from his body language and speculations making the round he may soon decamp to the New Nigeria Peoples Party to pursue his dream of governing the state.

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