October 4, 2022

The trending video on social media in which attackers of Abuja-Kaduna bound train of March 28, 2022, threatened to kill all the hostages in their custody if the federal government refuses to meet their demands, has sent shivers into the hearts and minds of their relatives and sympathizers.

This comes as efforts are being made to raise money to pay the terrorists even if it is not the whole amount being asked for. This will be done by relatives acting as ransom-bearers and who are courageous enough to follow the abductors far into the forests.

When Saturday Sun contacted some of the embattled relatives, they avoided him like a leper. “Please save us the additional trouble. Do you want these guys to come after us? Whatever we say here can be misquoted by them and they may kill the people we are struggling to free.”

Though they refused to speak on record, they would, however, want the Federal Government to meet the demands of the terrorists in order to save the lives of their loved ones who have been in captivity for almost two weeks.

When the reporter spoke with other concerned individuals and organisations, they lent their voices to the call by the relatives of the hostages on the Federal Government to do everything within its power to get them freed.

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