March 26, 2023


I wish to commend the people of Kaduna State for preserving peace and harmony. As your Governor, I reiterate that Kaduna State is a safe place for every law abiding citizen. Let us work together to keep our state safe. Everyone should go about their lawful business with vigilance and concern for their neighbors.

As you are aware, there are threats to peace in certain parts of the country. Let us not listen to or encourage anybody or group that seeks to set one group against the other. We must report all suspicious movements and activities to the numbers that our government has circulated. The police and other security agencies are working hard to safeguard every citizen. Let there be no fear. Let us live in confidence and faith, upholding each other and trusting in the mighty protection of Almighty God.

Our state has suffered from violence, and we know that we cannot permit any repeat. We have endured the pain and loss that come with division and violence. Our state has anchored its present and future on an uncompromising rejection of violence. We must preserve peace, we must strengthen harmony and firmly reject the agenda of those who thrive on the misery that violence causes.

We warn once again against hate speech, incitement and the irresponsible production and circulation of fake news, images and audio messages. This state will protect every citizen and will punish anyone who tries to threaten peace.

The laws of our land entitle everyone to live in peace wherever they choose. We shall preserve this right for all.

Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai
Governor of Kaduna State
15th September 2027

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